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RhysUhlichSeptember has arrived and school is back in session.   This had me thinking back to my own school days, remembering the fun times I had and the teachers who influenced me.    Low and behold, while I was pondering the educators of my past Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher song blares from my radio.   Immediately my mind goes back to 9th grade and Coach Goodman. *sigh*  Man, that science teacher and basketball coach was a cutie.   It sure is hard to concentrate on the exciting subject of earth science while cutie pie is standing in front of me!   So this month’s Hottie of the Month is dedicated to all those hot teachers.

Now, let me introduce you to Rhys Uhlich.  Rhys is a native Australian and a surfer dude.  Last year, …

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charlespaz2Ladies, do I have a surprise for you!!!!  Last month, the Romantic Times Convention was held in Orlando, Florida, and among the activities of the conference was the crowning of the 2009 Mr. Romance.   Today I am so excited to announce that we have the winner of the Mr. Romance contest with us.   Please give Mr. Charles Paz a very warm RNTV welcome.

Charles, thank you so much for joining us today.  I am sure all the ladies are very excited to learn more about you.  First, I must say that I have truly enjoyed getting to know you over the past couple of weeks.   You are a very sweet man with a great sense of humor.   I think your nickname for me has taken hold – Sweet N Low.  …

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nathan1.jpgI have a question to ask you ladies today.   Have you ever fallen in love with a character from a television show?  I tend to on a regular basis. This season my heart belongs to Richard “Rick” Castle from the ABC drama Castle.  Nathan Fillion is the brilliant actor who has brought Rick Castle to life and into my heart. For those of you who have never seen this show (you really need to check it out!), Rick Castle is a famous mystery/crime novelist who is asked by the police to help them catch a murderer who is copying the death scenes from each of his novels. While Nathan Fillion is a good looking man, the thing I love most about the character Rick Castle is his quirky humor …

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giles_marini_01_02.jpgThe other day I was in my car heading to the grocery store listening to one of the main Atlanta radio morning shows when I heard this sexy voice coming out of the speakers.   I actually sat in the parking lot of the grocery store listening to the DJs interviewing this sexy voice.   The voice belonged to Gilles Marini, and his voice is not the only sexy thing about him!!!!

Gilles exploded onto the hottie scene after appearing in the movie Sex and the City, which I am told has a very special *ahem* shower scene.   I have not yet seen the movie, but it is now at the top of my list!!!    Gilles has made several appearances on tv shows, like Nip Tuck, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty, and …

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andrei-1.jpgHello Ladies!  As I mentioned last month, this year I am trying to broaden the Hottie of the Month blog and bring you more than just a pretty face.    Today I would like to introduce you to a man that I am sure you have seen before – Andrei Claude (   Be sure to check out Andrei’s website to view his gallery.  OMG, there are some really great pictures there.  Andrei won the title of Mr. Romance in 2005 and since then has appeared on dozens of romance novel covers.   Andrei is model that works in all facets of the industry, not just romance novel covers.   I hope you enjoy the interview.  I know I did 😉

   Andrei, thank you so much for being with us.   Everyone here at …

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CHrisWinters2 This month I have big surprise for all you ladies. Instead of just a quick blog about the Hottie of the Month, I figured we would start 2009 off on the right track. So this month, I bring you an interview with Mr. Romance 2008, Chris Winters. I hope you enjoy the interview, because I had a blast doing it. So without further ado, here’s Chris.

Buffie: Chris, thank you so much for being with us. Everyone here at Romance Novel TV is very excited to have you with us today. I must tell you that you have the honor of being our very first interview for the Hottie of the Month blog.

Chris: Thanks! I appreciate it! Anytime! Sorry for being late, I had a few things been …

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