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petersen2_head.jpgLet’s give a warm welcome to one of our favorites here at RNTV – Guest Author Jenna Petersen.  Jenna’s new book Her Notorious Viscount is already on the shelves; and if you haven’t yet had a chance to read it, check out Andrea’s review
Andrea was lucky enough to interview Jenna – so without further ado… here’s Jenna:

RNTV: In HER NOTORIOUS VISCOUNT, the hero, Nicholas Stoneworth, is a pugilist in the London underground who becomes a viscount.  You’ve said “ Nicholas’s life as a pugilist tapped into a passion of mine.” Can you tell us more about this passion of yours?

JENNA PETERSEN: I’m a huge, huge MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan. I love UFC and follow all the blogs about the fighters. My husband and I …

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warren_tempted.jpgReviewed by Stacy Ahlgren
Publisher: Avon
4 stars

London society knows the Byrons are “mad, bad, and dangerous” and every bit as fascinating as their poetic non-relation. Join the fun as New York Times bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren presents the first tale of this tempestuous family—famous for scandal and legendary at love . . .
Orphaned beauty Meg Amberley never planned to pose as Lord Cade Byron’s fiancée. Caught in a snowstorm, she takes refuge at his estate. Stranded together, Meg soon finds herself falling under Cade’s spell. When the roads clear, she intends to leave, but fate intervenes.
Haunted by his past, Cade Byron has buried himself in the country. Then Meg—with her lush curves—invades his house and his life. With her reputation compromised, he proposes a pretend

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Last question and final book give aways – this afternoon post for your chance to win either LB Gregg’s GOBSMACKED OR  Jamie Craig’s HIDDEN BEAUTY in print, or an e-copy of  MASTER OF OBSIDAIN. That’s right three books, three  lucky posters!

Marisa: My final question is:  What trends have you seen in erotic fiction over the last 12 months and how do you feel about them? Again – I’ll ask if you care – or as author do you write the books you want to write and hope an audience finds them.

A: From our side of the relationship, it looks like there’s two areas that have proliferated in the market more than others – shifter stories and any type of menage. M/M is certainly on the rise, but …

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Marisa: Relative to what print publishers are willing to release, do you consider your work “outside the box” ? What is it about your work that may be considered “outside the box”?

(Find out more about these authors by clicking on thier names for links to their web sites. Also check out excerpts of their books on our book page. )

This afternoon we’re giving away a copy of Jet Mykles HEAVEN SENT to one random  poster.

regularly2.jpgKA Mitchell:
I have read some of the gay erotica that is available from more traditional publishers and I do think that what we are selling is a bit different, especially in that it’s marketed to women. Much of the gay romance I read prior to the past four years did not …

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Today we continue our round table discussion with three new blogs/discussions with authors Ally Blue, Jamie Craig, JL Langley, K.A. Mitchell, Chris Owen, Josh Lanyon, LB Gregg and Jet Mykles. 3 new blogs will be posted throughout the day, and yes, we’re giving books away. Stop by our Book Page to read excerpts of the authors books and click on their names to go to their web sites for more information.

This morning we’re giving away a copy of K.A. Mitchell’s  COLLISION COURSE  and JL Langley’s THE ENGLOR AFFAIR to two random posters.

Marisa: Picking up where we left off yesterday; over the years the audience for M/M fiction has become increasingly female. Why do you think so many women are drawn to M/M romance? Or do you care?


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