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the wedding beatThe Wedding Beat is a unique and welcome look at love and romance from one man’s perspective. According to, it has a fast paced dynamic rhythm that echoes the cadence and energy of New York City with a wonderful underlying pulse that quickly captures your imagination. If you’re looking for a fun contemporary romance check out The Wedding Beat – but first meet the author. I had the good fortune to interview Mr. Devan Sipher, I think you’re going to love him. Read full interview at B&

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Suz and Ed

Suzanne Brockmann and Ed Gaffney

In the final installment of my interview with Suzanne Brockmann we find out  what its like being married to another author, what’s next in the Troubleshooters series and her new series Final Destiny.

Author Suzanne Brockmann is married to novelist Ed Gaffney, and they have collaborated on numerous projects, from the off Broadway play Looking for Billy Haines, to the upcoming movie The Perfect Wedding, which they co-wrote and produced. Before I sat down to interview Ms. Brockmann at the 2011 NJRWA conference, she introduced me to her parents, her son Jason and husband Ed.  Throughout the conference I got to see this family in action. Their love and support for one another in every smile, gesture and word is …

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sb 2In the second part of my interview with author Suzanne Brockmann we talk about her book “All Through the Night” and a  favorite character in the Troubleshooters series.


Author Suzanne Brockmann is a gay rights activist with a strong commitment to working towards a time when everyone has the freedom of choice. For many years she has worked with several organizations, including MassEquality, to achieve this goal.

Before the book All Through the Night was even a thought in her head, there were significant political happenings in the state of Massachusetts. One state, she said “where people can marry the person they love.”  At the time, a ballot to stop marriage equality was initiated and going up for a vote in …

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SB3She is a proud mother, devoted daughter, loving wife, advocate and prolific writer – and these are some of the same qualities we see in her characters. Her ability to take the things that are important to her and make them fiction – make them fantastical – is what makes her books so special. She is Suzanne Brockmann and she is constantly redefining normal.

“Redefining normal”. These are her words. And as I spent an hour talking to her about her life and work I understood that it takes a huge commitment to not only entertain but to slowly introduce and bring to the forefront of her reader’s consciousness the issues that she most cares about. READ FULL ARTICLE ON B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.…

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Nalini Singh Author Photo - MediumHelp me welcome special guest author Nalini Singh.  Everyone is talking about Nalini’s new release Kiss of Snow – the 10th book in her riveting Psy/Changeling series; and today we get some of your questions answered. 

Join us on the Heart 2 Heart blog to view Nalini’s Interview.

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There’s been much discussion about what constitutes an urban fantasy book. We asked bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu, who writes both romance (the Dirk & Steele novels) and urban fantasy (the Hunter Kiss novels) to give us her definition. See video below and let us know what you think urban fantasy is. We’ll be giving away an urban fantasy book to a random poster (you must live in the United States to qualify). More... »

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