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Dire needs
Stephanie Tyler’s new release Dire Needs has shape shifting immortal Dire Wolves who are motorcycle-riding-leather-clad-bad-boys out to save the world from being destroyed and that’s a pretty explosive concept and a solid beginning for a new series.


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deadly dance 2 The month of March is jammed packed with new releases and with so many books to choose from it’s hard to decide what to read. Inevitably the selection of books is always vast and varied and there are hard decisions to be made.  The method of choosing my reading list is usually a hodge-podge of the tried and true combined with the quiet yet adventurous spirit that resides in every reader. Four books I’ll definitely be reading this month are: GO TO B&N.COM’S HEART TO HEART BLOG TO FIND OUT WHICH FOUR BOOKS HAVE MADE MY LIST FOR MARCH.

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forbidden fantasiesThis month I read two erotic romances where secret desires and fantasies are front and center and can no longer be denied. In Jasmine Haynes’ book The Principal’s Office  and Jodie Griffin’s book Forbidden Fantasies we are introduced to two women  who have lovingly devoted their lives to taking care of their families with altruism and grace and no questions asked. Now they find themselves on the brink of new perceptions and feelings about who they are and they want to act on them. READ FULL REVIEW AT B&N.COM HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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the departed

Parallel lives that intersect and a multi-layered suspense are the driving forces behind Shiloh Walker’s latest release The Departed.  With brooding and haunting undertones this combination romance, suspense, mystery and paranormal is a slow moving freight train full of emotions and dynamics.  The dialogue and prose will immediately draw you in as the author deftly unveils each nuance of the characters and the plot, and in the best tradition of both romance and mystery each piece of the puzzle is slowly and artfully revealed. READ FULL REVIEW AT BN.COM’S HEART TO HEART BLOG

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The BroMagnetWhy would a thirty- something woman want to spend time with a man who thinks fine dining is a hot dog at the ball park, that  jeans and a t-shirt are the height of fashion, and watching the Mets climb their way out of last place is ground breaking entertainment?  When Johnny meets Helen he knows he needs to change things up.  READ FULL REVIEW AT B&N.COM

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darker still Darker Still is a beautifully written book with lyrical prose wrapped in a Victorian setting where language is the paramount vehicle for communication and ironically where the heroine is mute.  Author Leanna Renne Hieber has created a wondrous world where mystery, mayhem and magic abound. Where a young woman on the cusp of becoming an adult is open to the all the untold possibilities the world has to offer; and where faith, courage and love are the touchstones needed to face the next step in her journey. READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT THE B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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