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March is one of my favorite months.  Not only is my wedding anniversary in March, but also the first day of spring!!  And I am so ready for spring.  I’m not fond of the cold, which probably stems from the fact that I was born and raised in Florida.  And as I’m writing this blog, it’s actually snowing . . . in March . . . in Atlanta!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and my kids are ecstatic, but I’m ready for spring to get here.

This month’s topic is EXCERPTS.  Do you read them?  For me, it all depends.  If it’s a book I’m familiar with or part of a series I’m reading, I usually don’t read it.  I’d rather be surprised when I read the book.  However, …

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February brings more new releases and a good reason to eat chocolate (as if we need a reason!).  Chocolate and books — what could be better than that?  Around my house, Valentine’s Day is all about the kids.  They get lots of sweet treats and exchange Valentines with their classmates.  Plus, my son’s birthday is the day before.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  If so, how?  With someone special, with friends, with kids or as a family?

This month’s topic is TITLES.  As with covers, a title should “fit the book” and express something about the story.  Many are spot on and catchy, some are down-right silly and a few leave me scratching my head wondering what on earth someone was thinking.  I like the ones that play on movie, …

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It’s hard to believe that 2008 is officially over and that 2009 is here. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, have you stuck to it? My New Year’s resolution is to be more organized and I’m trying to get into that mode — slowly, but surely. And speaking of new, this year I’m going to try something a little different with my new releases blogs. Each month I’ll blog and solicit opinions about a certain part of a book or book/reading habits and such.

This month’s topic is COVERS. A book’s cover should represent the book and it’s the first thing we see at the store. Some covers have a clinch scene, some have either a man’s chest or a woman’s back, some have an object or …

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. And now the holiday season is officially in full swing! Many people woke up early (or never went to sleep) to shop on Black Friday and if you are one of those people, I hope your experience was well worth it. As for me, I slept in. I did Black Friday one time and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. I actually do a lot of my shopping online. As much as I love to go out and shop in the stores for that perfect gift, I’ve found that with two kids it’s a whole lot easier to shop for Christmas presents from the comforts of home. And with great deals and free shipping, you really can’t beat it!


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A lot of people find this time of year an opportune time to give thanks for so many things, though I believe that we should be thankful for what we have all year long. One thing that I’m sure we are all thankful for is BOOKS! And November has a lot of books to be grateful for…

Which November books are you looking forward to? Which ones have you read and can recommend? I’m really looking forward to Cathy Maxwell’s A Seduction at Christmas and Elizabeth Hoyt’s To Seduce a Sinner. I recommend The Bride Price by Anne Mallory and Sun Stroked by Cathryn Fox.

Look below for both the video and printed list of great November releases. I have a challenge for you all. Did I miss any? If

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Fall is here! It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of the year already. The leaves are starting to change colors, the air is starting to cool and the holiday season is on its way. And books make great presents! Here is your monthly dose of new releases…


The Christmas Countess by Adrienne Basso
Shadow Rider by Kathrynn Dennis
Under the Highlander’s Spell by Donna Fletcher
Scandalizing the Ton by Diane Gaston
Marry Christmas by Jane Goodger
Secret Desires of a Gentleman by Laura Lee Guhrke
Under the Blood Red Moon by Mina Hepsen
A …

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