parrish_blackReviewed by Stacy Ahlgren
Publisher Signet Eclipse
4 stars

This is the third, and so far final, installment in the Black CAT books by Leslie Parrish, and I’m really hoping there will be more because I hate to see this series end.

Wyatt Blackstone and the rest of his team are devastated by the senseless death of one of their own – Lily Fletcher. Despite working on some pretty horrendous cases, Lily was a sweet young woman who knew way too much about loss. So much so that it colored her world, and affected the way she did her job. Even though she had been walking a dangerous path, there was still no reason she should have died. She was one of the good ones…

But on a bitterly …

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ahlgren111Not long ago, during hero week, I spotlighted one of my most unforgettable heroes, one Roger “Sam” Starrett, so it’s only fitting that I chose his wife, Alyssa Locke, as his female counterpart.  Besides, I can’t think of too many heroines I respect more.  Suzanne Brockmann created an amazing heroine in her series, and to be honest, I can’t think of anyone else I could have chosen as a favorite.

I liked Alyssa pretty much from the first time I met her, though we find out a little bit about her before she even appears.  ” ‘Find out if Alyssa Locke went to this competition,’ Tom ordered.  SO squadmember Frank O’Leary was only the second best marksman in the U.S, Navy.  Lieutenant Junior Grade Locke had outscored him every

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Reviewed by Stacy Ahlgren
Publisher: Signet
4.75 Stars

After a botched investigation left him wounded and disgraced, Special Agent Alec Lambert was forced to transfer onto Wyatt Blackstone’s team. This former profiler has lost his edge, buried by the guilt he feels over another agent’s death. But he’ll need all his skills when he realizes he’s getting another crack at a case that has haunted him. A serial killer known as the Professor is now using the latest e-mail schemes to lure his victims and the Black CATs are on his trail.

Samantha Dalton didn’t set out to become an online vigilante, until her grandmother was swindled out of everything she owned. Devoting herself to exposing fraud and preventing tragedies from happening to other families, Sam has gained fame and

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leslie_parrishReviewed by Stacy Ahlgren
Publisher: Penguin
4.5 stars

I love it when authors branch out, so I was rather excited to see Leslie Kelly was writing a new romantic suspense series under the name Leslie Parrish. Obviously these were going to be very different books, so it made sense to create a new name and website to suit the mood and feel of the CAT books.

In the first few pages of the story, we see that the killer is just in the middle of his first kill. And we also discover that he has decided to videotape his victim’s final moments. Despite his mostly calm demeanor, this is not a cold, unemotional murder; the killer is remembering cruel taunts and digs he’s suffered, and lashes out against his …

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Reviewed by Stacy  Ahlgren
Publisher: Penguin
4 Stars

Nola Grainger is living a great life in Chicago. She’s built her photography business into something to be proud of, she has wonderful friends and an amazing lover. But when her grandmother dies, she might have to give it all up and go live in Resnick, the small town in Georgia where she grew up, in order to get her inheritance. Nola’s not interested in any money, but Lochhaven, the lovely southern home she grew up in, would be all her’s. There’s just one small catch: Nola has to be married in order to claim her inheritance, and she’s got 30 days to get it done, or otherwise the house along with everything that goes with it will go to someone else.…

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Reviewed by Stacy Ahlgren
Published by: Avon Red
4 1/2 out of 5 stars

I’ve been a fan of Jess Michaels, a.k.a. Jenna Petersen, work since I read “Ancient Pleasures” in a Secrets Volume. Then I read “Everything Forbidden” and “Something Reckless” and really enjoyed her steamier, romantic stories that focused more on the relationship than on secondary plotlines. And I believe that “Taboo” is her best book yet.

It has been four years since Nathan Manning and Cassandra Willows have seen each other, before she stood him up on the night they planned to elope. Heartbroken, he sails off to India, where he stay for several years. Now that Nathan has returned to England and has seen Cassandra, his anger and sense of betrayal still burn strongly in his …

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