home sweet homeSix months ago, my dishwasher died an unholy death and bled water all over my kitchen floor. I was devastated.  After a daily 1 ½ hour commute to lower Manhattan, and then working for 10 hours, the last thing I’m thinking is “oh joy, I get to go home, cook dinner and then spend the next 45 minutes washing dishes – let me at it!” I am NOT one of those women who consider a dishwasher a luxury item. So I researched the best type of dishwasher to buy and I waited for the perfect sale, and in between I scrubbed pots and pans begrudgingly.

Finally, my local appliance store was having an out of the box sale that was too good to pass up.  I took the day off …

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animal attractionIf you’re like me you have moods.  Sometimes I yearn for a good old fashioned historical romance with dukes and counts giving up their evil ways for that one woman who makes them whole.  Other times I can’t get enough blood sucking and sex with dead guys. And then there are moments where nothing but a good contemporary will capture my attention. When it comes to contemporary – I may not be all that hip.  I like my furnishing to be on the eclectic rustic American side; you will never see me in short shorts with boots – unless it’s the middle of summer and I suddenly find myself in a flash flood; and the only tattoo I’m ever gonna have is the rub off kind from a bubble gum …

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out of timeThere seems to be an app for everything except finding my phone while I’m talking on it.  Yes, I’ve done that, I’ve been in the middle of lengthy conversations, half listening as I frantically search through my bag for my phone.  Duh?  I promise, I don’t have the words “out to lunch” imprinted on my forehead, it’s just that sometimes my frenetic life has me doing the multi-tasking two step in ways that would require I grow four more arms and three more heads.  Naturally, I’ve become an app-a-holic, but not as crazed as Marisa when it comes to easing her life with the latest download..  If there’s an app, particularly if it’s free – she’ll download it.  Don’t believe me?  How ‘bout the mirror she downloaded for her iPhone?  …

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His_At_NightYou have no idea how much I LOVE the summer.  How can I express it? After nine months of wearing the same winter coat day after day, I’m thrilled to finally throw the thing back in the closet and not look at it again until next winter. This is the season of less clothing, the sun on your face, sandy beaches, luscious parks, and the aroma of outdoor barbeques.  What’s not to love?  Add a book or two, or five, and you’ve sent me directly to Heaven. So I thought I’d give you a few more reasons to love this season by suggesting several books to add to the pile I know you’re still trying to get to.  READ FULL ARTICLE AT B&N’S HEART 2 HEART BLOG.…

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Highland WarriorI love it when a book lands on my desk that has all the elements I enjoy in a romance; time travel, paranormal, mystery, a kilt wearing warrior and a kick-ass smart heroine.  Awaken the Highland Warrior, the first in the Connor Clan series by debut author Anita Clenney is a cleverly written book and a fresh start to what promises to be an interesting new series. READ FULL REVIEW AT H2H BLOG.…

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nyc-cabRomance writers will be converging on NYC en masse next week for the annual Romance Writers of America Convention. Marisa and I would like to extend our welcome by offering seven sites to see that can fit any mood or budget.

Contrary to popular belief NYC doesn’t just comprise the island of Manhattan, it is in fact made up of five boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island – each with its own unique flavor and all within a bus, train or ferry ride away. If you plan on visiting NYC, then you need to take one of the bus tours from Halifax to New York. They are so much fun and you get to see all the great sights of NYC.

1. If you’re interested in …

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