barrett_ture.jpgReviewed by: Kate Garrabrant
4.75 Stars

Every woman in Texas has a dirty little secret that could destroy her reputation and ruin her name forever. Kathleen Connor King’s major secret is that she is dirt poor even though she was born a King, as in “the Kings” from Houston. Her family owned most of the oil in the surrounding counties. Kathleen is also considered eccentric, but in a good way from the clothes she wears to the charity events she is in charge of. She is known as a trendsetter even though she can barely rub two pennies together.

Kathleen lives with her long term boyfriend Dylan Grant who is the love of her life. Dylan is the only one who knows her dirty little secret and still loves …

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ivy_darkness.jpgReviewed by Kate Garrabrant
Publisher: Zebra
3 stars

Anna Randall has traveled from Los Angeles, California to a charity event in Chicago, Illinois to confront the vampire Conde Cezar. Anna blames Cezar for changing her into an immortal almost two-hundred years ago. Anna first met Cezar during a ball in London in the year 1814. Cezar took both her virginity and blood that night. When she awoke the next morning he was gone and her life was ruined. She wants Cezar to pay for what he did to her. But when she sees him again after all these years, a rush of lust for him flows throughout her body.

Cezar paid the price for seducing the innocent Anna. Cezar is at the mercy of the Oracles who have made Cezar’s …

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wildes_indecent1.jpgReviewed by Kate Garrabrant
Signet Eclipse
3.5 stars

Lady Caroline Wynn is a widow who has a horrendous marriage. Now that her husband is dead she wants to enjoy life and live by her own rules. There is a rumor among the Ton that London’s two most notorious rakes the Earl of Manderville and the Duke of Rothway have placed a very scandalous public wager on which one of them is the better lover. Now they need to find a woman willing to test their expertise. Lady Caroline is willing to take the biggest risk of her life and be that woman and find the ultimate pleasure in either of these men’s arms.

Nicholas and Derek are the best of friends and have made the bet all in good fun. …

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sparks_vampire.JPGPublisher: Avon
By: Kate Garrabrant
3.25 stars

NYPD Office Lara Boucher and her partner are called to the Plaza on Fifth Avenue to break up a loud and rowdy party. What she finds there is quite shocking. The man who answers the door is the most beautiful man she has ever seen. But even though he may be quite the looker, this won’t stop her from investigating a party gone too wild. She finds a man on the floor covered in blood, swords and knives lying around and a sex doll in one of the beds. Mister sexy pants has some explaining to do and she is going to cuff him and hail him down to the precinct for some questioning.

Two hundred year old Giacomo, also known as Jack, …

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Kate Garrabant head shotWhen a hero is given the label “The Duke of Slut”, it can mean in the literal sense where he will bed any women in walking distance. But in some cases, the Duke of Slut label can also mean how the hero lives his life. When I think of a Duke of Slut I think of an alpha male who oozes sexuality and where their personality is one of self assurance. He has a certain lifestyle that screams power and money. He also has incredible fashion sense. He is a man all other men aspire to be and where a woman would do anything just to have one night in his arms.

The one man who comes to mind that fits this role perfectly is Roarke, that Irish rogue from …

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boyle_confessions.JPGReviewed by Kate Garrabrant
Publisher: Avon
Stars: 3.5

Thalia “Tally” Langley and her cousin Lady Philippa “Pippin” Knolles are off to yet another house party thrown by Tally’s newly married sister Felicity. Felicity wants both Tally and Pippin to find husbands who make her as happy as her own. However, these unmarried ladies have more pressing concerns than finding husbands, such as trying to get their play, Lady Persephone’s Perilous Affair published. But since Felicity won’t rest till she gets her way, Tally has no choice but to appease her sister.

When Thalia arrives on the Hollindrake estate she meets a very pitiful looking man. Her brother-in-law introduces the stranger as his cousin Milo Ryder. Milo Ryder is really Larken the spy. He is working for the Foreign Office in …

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