Welcome to Romance Novel TV. If you want to know a bit about us first thing you need to know is that we’re identical twins. Sometimes we walk alike and talk alike – but we definitely don’t think alike, and that’s precisely what makes life interesting around here.

Our love of romance books keeps us reading, talking, discussing, explaining and even arguing long into the night. We both have our favorite go to authors and we both love to discover new authors. Maria doesn’t re-read books; Marisa has a keeper shelf filled with her go to comfort reads. Maria loves woman’s fiction, time travel and westerns; Marisa loves contemporaries, erotica and paranormals. Maria loves a good friends to lovers story line, Marisa loves the time tested rags to riches story line. Maria will read her e-books on her iPhone, Marisa reads her e-books on her Kindle. Maria loves to share her favorite new book with Marisa and vice versa.

When Maria is interviewing an author she loves to get to know the behind the scenes stories about why an author writes a book and the intimacies of their lives; Marisa wants to know more about the book and what’s coming next. When Marisa edits an interview she goes to Maria for help, a lot. Maria is fast and Marisa is slow. Maria is quick to make a decision; Marisa likes to mull things over. Maria is aggressive, Marisa let’s people think she’s not.

The one thing we definitely agree on is that if we were stuck on a desert island we both hope that a giant box of romance novels would wash up on shore along with a years supply of Twizzlers and Coke. We’re both interested in authors we’ve been reading for years, as well as brand new authors. From single titles to category and from paranormal to historical when it comes to romance we love to read it all, and we love telling the stories that aren’t revealed on the pages of the books.

Reading is our passion, television is our career. We’ve combined the two and work together, as we have for the past 15 years, and we love what we do.

We’re not the only people here at Romance Novel TV. There are eight terrific woman who are also part of RNTV. Each one of us has a different opinion and a different point of view when it comes to romance books.

The People

lokken1Maria Lokken

Maria is an award winning television producer whose hobbies are cooking, rock climbing and romance reading. She likes nothing better than to curl up in her chair with a box of chocolates and read a great romance. She’s got a sense of humor, but she’d definitely not the ‘nice’ twin.
oneill1Marisa O’Neill
Vice President

She let’s people think she is the nice twin. Marisa manages television productions and everything else in life. She is an avid romance reader and is the one who turned Maria onto romance. She has a sense of humor and some very interesting opinions.
agdern1Stacey Agdern

I’m a bookseller in a very busy store in New York City, so I’m asked on a regular basis what I like to read. When it comes down to it, I’m a sucker for a good story, great characters and strong plots. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Chick Lit, Thrillers and the classics. As well as an interesting array of really cool, yet sometimes quirky non fiction.

But my favorite genre of fiction is a genre that can be all of those and then some. It’s one that can be set on a faraway moon or deep in the regency period. It can be a story of hockey players, titled gentlemen, or cowboys. Of strong modern day women, heiresses or FBI agents with magical powers. But the bottom line is that Romance is about capturing, on paper, the very real emotions that take place as two people fall in love.

dancy1Kati Dancy

Kati Dancy is a life long lover of romance fiction. Since reading Irish Thoroughbred by Nora Roberts in 1983, when she was 12, Kati has read and fallen in love with countless heroes and heroines from all sorts of romance. In real life, Kati is a professional event planner for a national non-profit in Washington, D.C. Other than voraciously reading romance, Kati is a rabid professional football fan (go ‘Skins!) and is owned by a miniature dachshund and tortoiseshell cat. Kati’s favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Nalini Singh and Lisa Kleypas.

In addition to reviewing for RNTV, you can find Kati talking about books, pop culture and life in general at Katidom.

ausdenmore1PJ Ausdenmore

PJ Ausdenmore has been devouring works of romance fiction since the tender age of 13 when she first discovered Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart at her local library. Though at first strictly a historical romance girl, she has over the years broadened her reading tastes to include other sub-genres such as contemporary, romantic suspense, western, time travel, and paranormal. While she also reads many non-romance books PJ says it’s the well-written, satisfying “happy ever after” of romance fiction novels that has kept her a devoted reader for more than 40 years. During those rare times when she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book the retired banker can often be found volunteering at her local hospital or indulging her love of baking and candy making. An avid photographer, PJ is rarely without her camera and enjoys documenting the places she travels and people she meets through her camera lens. She’s an enthusiastic college football fan and devoted mom to two very happy Labs.

johnson1Buffie Johnson

Buffie Johnson has been reading romance novels for over a decade. It all started with a fluke book club and the novel The Wedding by Julie Garwood. Since then, Buffie has immersed herself in countless stories. While medievals will always be her fist love, in the last couple of years Buffie has branched out and enjoyed westerns, contemporaries, and paranormals. Buffie is the wife to a fabulous hero and the mother to two up-and-coming heroes. By day she is a real estate paralegal and by night an avid scrapbooker. Buffie also enjoys volunteering in the library at her children’s school. A few of Buffie’s favorite authors are Jacquie D’Alessandro, Teresa Medeiros, Nalini Singh, Karen Hawkins, and Julie Garwood.

Be sure and check out Buffie’s monthly column, Hottie of the Month, right here at RNTV.

carr1Gannon Carr

Gannon’s love of romance began in the 7th grade when she read her first Victoria Holt novel at the recommendation of her English teacher (thanks, Mrs. Parker!). Romance novels opened up a whole new world of adventure and romance for this small town girl. After college, she started her own adventure when she married her handsome, Naval officer husband. They lived around the world during their 20 years of marriage, but now they’ve settled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with their three children, two cats and two dogs. Gannon works in a wine shop–another passion–and reads as many romances as she possibly can. Some of her favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Lisa Kleypas, Christina Dodd, Diana Gabaldon, Teresa Medeiros, Julian Quinn, and Colleen Gleason…..and so many more!
garrabant1Kate Garrabant

My love for reading began when I was thirteen and my mother gave me Gone With the Wind. Ever since then I haven’t looked back. Reading and reviewing gives me absolute joy. I will read any types of genres, but romance, horror and fantasy are my favorites. Some day in the future I hope to become published fiction author. When I am not reading, writing, reviewing or blogging, I also work in television.

I am also a self proclaimed eccentric redhead.

In addition to reviewing for RNTV, Kate reviews and blogs at her own site Babbling About Books and More.

ahlgren1Stacy Ahlgren

Stacy has been reading romances since she was 12 and sneaked her mom’s Harlequin Presents when she wasn’t looking. She started with “Burning Obsession” by Carole Mortimer and hasn’t looked back since. Stacy likes emotional and sexy romances, and lists Suzanne Brockmann, Lisa Kleypas and Judith McNaught as her all-time favorite authors, but has many others on her list. She’s always looking to discover new authors and prefers that her books include a Happily Ever After.

While her day job takes place at a credit union in the Chicago area, her free time is spent hanging with friends going to dinner, movies, and discussing favorite books. Stacy likes to travel and hopes to incorporate that with her love of romance by visiting some of her favorite locations she’s read about. Scotland and Australia are on her list. She also loves hockey, going to concerts, and meeting some of her favorite authors. In addition to reviewing for RNTV, Stacy reviews and blogs at her own site Stacy’s Place On Earth.

williamson1Andrea Williamson

Andrea Williamson has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and credits her father for her love of reading. Over 18 years ago while perusing the aisles of the book section at a local flea market, she wanted a change from her standard mystery novels and picked up Midnight Magic by Betina Krahn. From the first page to the last, Andrea knew she had discovered something special in the amazing world of historical romance. Since then, she has broadened her horizons with contemporaries, paranormals and urban fantasies, though Regency and Victorian romances remain her favorite to this day. In addition to reading, Andrea can be found watching her favorite television shows, Law & Order: SVU and American Idol, rooting on her beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers and spending time with her family. She lives in Georgia with her very own hero and two wonderful children.

Every month Andrea updates RNTV viewers with a list of new romances being released. It’s your chance to see most of what’s coming out all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? Here are some answers, also known as our FAQ page.

How do I get my book reviewed?

Send it to us. We can’t promise we’ll review it, but we’ll make every effort. RNTV has ten reviewers and it’s the reviewer’s choice to read or not read and review or not review your book. You can send us your ARC by mail or digital format.

Paper ARC’s send snail mail:
PO Box 191
Tenafly NJ, 07670

Digital ARC’s email to:

I have a book about horses will you review it?

Not unless there’s a strong sexy guy riding him, or a beautiful, sexy, smart woman telling the horse what to do. We review any sub-genre in romance, woman’s fiction, and urban fantasy. If you’re book doesn’t fall into any of the above categories try another web site.

I’m a publisher and I have some news.

Great – tell us about it. We’re eager to hear what you’re up to. E-mail us at info@romancenovel.tv and we’ll spread the word.

How do I get a video interview with RNTV?

We shoot videos of authors at the various conferences throughout the year. Typically we contact the author and ask for an interview.

I have a video, will you air it?

Mostly yes. If you’re an author and you have a video interview of yourself talking about your next release, or a video of your book signing, or a conference where you were a speaker – we will consider it for airing. However, we consider book video trailers of your release an advertisement; please check our advertisement page for our very reasonable rates.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes. See our Advertise with Us page.

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