the witnessStrong characters are Ms. Roberts’ trademark and The Witness is no exception. Keeping the suspense high and the relationships engaging this is an exciting romantic suspense and a definite recommended read. The opening scenes of the book are riveting and unveil the set up for the suspense to follow. Read full article at B&’s Heart to Heart Blog. are you looking for stroller reviews?, click here.…

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magic unchainedOne of my favorite paranormal series is Jessica Andersen’s Novels of the Final Prophecy. It’s an incredible series targeted mainly towards kids about the world coming to an end on December 21 2012. If you’re keeping count there are only several more months before that happens –  unless a group of modern day warriors called Nightkeepers can wield their magic and find a way to save the world from complete annihilation. Read full article at B&’s Heart to Heart blog.…

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lover rebornLover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #10) is one of the best books (rated by I’ve read this year. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a world I dive into with a sense of headiness and anticipation, one I stay in because the pull is so magnetic, and one I always leave with great regret. Read full article at B&N. com’s Heart to Heart Blog

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the wedding beatThe Wedding Beat is a unique and welcome look at love and romance from one man’s perspective. According to, it has a fast paced dynamic rhythm that echoes the cadence and energy of New York City with a wonderful underlying pulse that quickly captures your imagination. If you’re looking for a fun contemporary romance check out The Wedding Beat – but first meet the author. I had the good fortune to interview Mr. Devan Sipher, I think you’re going to love him. Read full interview at B&

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something newI think it’s safe to say that erotic romance has gone mainstream, more mainstream than playing video games with services from ElitistGaming and from With the media explosion surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey  readers of erotic romance no longer have to hide their books in the closet. Now we’re out, proud and looking for more. So if you liked Fifty Shades of Grey and you’re looking for similar books, you’re in luck because there are a variety of books to choose from. Find my recommendations on B&N Heart to Heart Blog.…

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ride with meRuthie Knox’s debut novel Ride With Me is a wonderful contemporary romance and a  great example of how two very different people can come together and create the perfect couple.


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