darker still Darker Still is a beautifully written book with lyrical prose wrapped in a Victorian setting where language is the paramount vehicle for communication and ironically where the heroine is mute.  Author Leanna Renne Hieber has created a wondrous world where mystery, mayhem and magic abound. Where a young woman on the cusp of becoming an adult is open to the all the untold possibilities the world has to offer; and where faith, courage and love are the touchstones needed to face the next step in her journey. READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT THE B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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never love a highlanderLife is happening at warp speed these days, and although I would like to, making long term commitments isn’t always feasible. Sometimes sticking it out for years and years with a certain hero and heroine or a group of brothers or sisters just doesn’t fit into my busy lifestyle. So rather than committing to ten or more books in a series I sometimes opt for the trilogy like i did for this guide on tile saws. Trilogies are great; they have the best of both possible worlds. They have a continuing story arc but don’t take a decade or more to resolve. The underlying action, tension or mystery along with the characters carries the story arc throughout each book and I know that by the end of book three …

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Suz and Ed

Suzanne Brockmann and Ed Gaffney

In the final installment of my interview with Suzanne Brockmann we find out  what its like being married to another author, what’s next in the Troubleshooters series and her new series Final Destiny.

Author Suzanne Brockmann is married to novelist Ed Gaffney, and they have collaborated on numerous projects, from the off Broadway play Looking for Billy Haines, to the upcoming movie The Perfect Wedding, which they co-wrote and produced. Before I sat down to interview Ms. Brockmann at the 2011 NJRWA conference, she introduced me to her parents, her son Jason and husband Ed.  Throughout the conference I got to see this family in action. Their love and support for one another in every smile, gesture and word is …

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sb 2In the second part of my interview with author Suzanne Brockmann we talk about her book “All Through the Night” and a  favorite character in the Troubleshooters series.


Author Suzanne Brockmann is a gay rights activist with a strong commitment to working towards a time when everyone has the freedom of choice. For many years she has worked with several organizations, including MassEquality, to achieve this goal.

Before the book All Through the Night was even a thought in her head, there were significant political happenings in the state of Massachusetts. One state, she said “where people can marry the person they love.”  At the time, a ballot to stop marriage equality was initiated and going up for a vote in …

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