Fatal AffairDiscovering a new series is like finding you’ve won an all expense paid trip to someplace warm, where the drinks are cold and the view is spectacular.  Actually, it might be even better, because finding a series with a back list that promises weeks of reading enjoyment while staying home and not spending a fortune to go to a resort is more like winning the lottery.

One series I’ve yet to read is J.D. Robb’s In Death series – but I was curious so I read Marisa’s blog to find out more. What really surprised me were the comments. Almost everyone was raving about Marie Force’s Fatal Series – Fatal Affair , Fatal Justice, Fatal Consequences and the recently released novella Fatal Destiny; which by the way is now a …

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New York to DallasKeeping alive the promise of ‘happily ever after’ between a hero and heroine is a hard thing to do. Most of the time we don’t really want to know what happens after they fall in love and ride off into the sunset.

Do we really want to know that Cinderella is having a hard time keeping the castle clean? Or that Prince Charming  would rather have a few drinks with the boys instead of rushing home to his beloved? In the film  Sex and the City 2   was it essential we learn that Big’s idea of a good time was sitting on the couch watching  TV? When Carrie begins to wonder if the ‘za za zoom’ she’s been waiting for all her life is  fizziling, it made me anxious and …

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out of timeThere seems to be an app for everything except finding my phone while I’m talking on it.  Yes, I’ve done that, I’ve been in the middle of lengthy conversations, half listening as I frantically search through my bag for my phone.  Duh?  I promise, I don’t have the words “out to lunch” imprinted on my forehead, it’s just that sometimes my frenetic life has me doing the multi-tasking two step in ways that would require I grow four more arms and three more heads.  Naturally, I’ve become an app-a-holic, but not as crazed as Marisa when it comes to easing her life with the latest download..  If there’s an app, particularly if it’s free – she’ll download it.  Don’t believe me?  How ‘bout the mirror she downloaded for her iPhone?  …

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The_Goblin_KingCan Goblin’s be romantic? I didn’t think so, that is until I read Shona Husk’s new release The Goblin King. This book is very different from the vampire/shape shifter/fantasy romances that are so much a part of today’s landscape. Instead The Goblin King is an interesting and exciting paranormal world that has a distinct feeling of legends and fairy tales combined with a contemporary flair making this one stand out from the rest.

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Dark_LoverI can remember like it was yesterday. Although I consider myself somewhat of a risk taker, I must admit, I was nervous that first time. After all it was a new experience and I didn’t know what to expect. But I took the risk and it paid off; actually it more than paid off, it got me addicted. Now I’ve become of those people who can’t seem to stop, and like Oliver, I wait with hope, always saying, ‘more please, more’. Full Article at B&

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