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    Is There an App For That?
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  • Published: Oct 26th, 2011

out of timeThere seems to be an app for everything except finding my phone while I’m talking on it.  Yes, I’ve done that, I’ve been in the middle of lengthy conversations, half listening as I frantically search through my bag for my phone.  Duh?  I promise, I don’t have the words “out to lunch” imprinted on my forehead, it’s just that sometimes my frenetic life has me doing the multi-tasking two step in ways that would require I grow four more arms and three more heads.  Naturally, I’ve become an app-a-holic, but not as crazed as Marisa when it comes to easing her life with the latest download..  If there’s an app, particularly if it’s free – she’ll download it.  Don’t believe me?  How ‘bout the mirror she downloaded for her iPhone?  Seriously Marisa?  If you just hold up the iPhone without the start screen it’s a mirror.  Regardless of the thousands of fantastical new apps available, from having your phone start your car to recommending a restaurant specifically suited to your tastes and budget, there’s still an app that’s yet to become a reality – and that’s the app for finding the perfect man.

Don’t be alarmed, I haven’t totally lost my mind. You see, while I was reading Monica Martin’s book Out of Time , Marisa was sitting beside me furiously downloading a new app, and I happeed to ask her if she could find an app that would locate a real life romance hero?

In a romance it’s a pretty safe bet that the hero will be at least 6 feet tall, his eye color will range from blue, to green to grey and his hair color will either be black or sandy.  And we romance readers love them.  But there’s usually more to the man than the exterior. Often, when first introduced to a hero, we learn that he has a painful or troubled past, yet through all his pain and emotion he eventually becomes a man who has the inner strength to embrace his past, move on and learn to love. Now what if we could skip all the pain and angst and move right into the ‘perfect hero’? You know the onee, he usually appears about 10 pages before the HEA and if we’re lucky we get a glimpse of his continued perfection in the epilogue. What if there was an app for that?

The app would act as a ‘zapping machine”.  Zapping out all the undesirable qualities of the men we love?  Or better yet, an app to zap the men we love with the qualities of our favorite romance heroes. Now, that’s something I would even pay for.

The app would have to be tailor made for each reader. In a perfect world mine would allow my dream man to have the qualities of:

  • Susan Brockmann’s heroes, who take out the garbage, do their own laundry, go to the market, cook dinner, and know a thing or two about saving the world.
  • Or Lisa Kleypas’ heroes who shower their heroines with gifts, protect them from harm, and understand the importance of date night.
  • Or a dose of Nora Roberts’ heroes who let the heroines have center stage – a trait I could fall in love with.
  • Add in Angela Knight’s heroes who encourage their heroines to be themselves.
  • And I wouldn’t mind if he had the sensibilities of Jodi Thomas’ heroes who have a soft spot that melt your heart like butter.

Come on now, they’re busy creating all manner ot downloads, do we really need another versions of Angry Birds?  Couldn’t they move on to inventing an app that would make the men we love a little bit more like the heroes we love. The app that finds the perfect man would be a serious money maker. And, if I was being altruistic, it would also make millions of women happy.

(Article originally posted at the B&N Heart to Heart Blog)

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