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    Are Angels the New Black?
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  • Published: Oct 26th, 2011

Wings of FireIt used to be you couldn’t walk down the aisles of the paranormal romance section of your neighborhood book store without being bitten on the neck by a vampire centric romance. Soon after the shelves began to fill with tales of werewolves; but werewolves weren’t enough. In order to keep our interests authors started introducing shapeshifters – of all kinds.  Of course there are demons a plenty and a witch and ghost thrown in every now and then. Now it seems there is an abundance of Angels, and I have to ask; have angels become the new black?

In Caris Roane’s Guardian of Ascension series you get two for the price of one – warrior vampires with wings. These are not the angels you’d find painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in fact, they come from another dimension. Featuring an interesting and unique mythology the Guardian of Ascension series will draw you in with the strong female characters and exciting alpha heroes.

As you’ll see, this is not the only series to combine vampires and angels, after all if angels are the new black, winged vampires are the Little Black Dress with high heels.

Releasing tomorrow is Sylvia Day’s A Touch of Crimson,  the first book of her new Renegade Angels series. Again, these are no ordinary angels with white flowing robes and halos. After all, can you really keep your halo in place while you’re taking names and kicking ass?  The ass a touch of crimsonwhooper would be the hero who is a powerful angel and head of an elite special ops group. Their mission is to protect human kind from fallen angels who have become vampires.

I wasn’t aware that vampires lived in the same zip code as fallen angles, but I’m sensing a trend here.  Personally, it’s got me hooked.

The Lost Angel series by Heather Killough-Wadlen starts with the first book Avenger’s Angel.  In this series, four Archangels are rewarded for their continuous service and loyalty by being given their perfect soul mate. Unfortunately the other angels become jealous – oh my, can you imagine one of the seven deadly sins alive and kicking inside the pearly gates? To prevent a revolt the archangel’s soul mates were driven from the heavens. But once you’ve found the one person who completes you, it’s not likely you’d give her up – so the four archangels do what anyone in love would do – they go down to earth, became mortal and begin the search for their one and only.  For almost 2000 years they walk the earth as mortals  – one as a famous rock singer and a vampire, another  as an actor, the third as a policeman and the forth as a fireman. Interesting – yes?

The Fallen is also a relatively new series by Cynthia Eden. The first book, Angel of Darkness features an Angel of Death who refuses to do his job – that is he declines to take a soul – and with poor job performance there are Envyconsequences; he becomes a fallen angel. Of course the soul he refuses to take is the heroine’s – and so begins the dance.

I just finished reading Envy , the third book in J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series. What’s particularly special about this book is the main protagonist Jim Heron. An ex- special ops officer, Jim is now a fallen angel charged with saving seven souls. He’s in the fight of his life and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. If he can save seven souls from evil the world will be safe. If he fails and they walk on the dark side, so goes the world. Each book in the series features a new soul to save and a new battle between Jim and the evil demon Devina. Jim’s an interesting angel, he has all the emotional trappings of his mortal/human life and with the balance of each soul and the world in his hands his growth as an individual and in his relationships is the dynamic thread that holds this series together.

Good versus evil is a story as old as time. Angels, demons, devils and vampires have been around forever. They never go out of fashion. The combinations of mythologies and back stories for these angels are ever intriguing, ever robust. It’s a new way into  paranormal romance and has definitely become the popular look this season.

Original article posted on the B&N Heart to Heart Blog.

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