SB3She is a proud mother, devoted daughter, loving wife, advocate and prolific writer – and these are some of the same qualities we see in her characters. Her ability to take the things that are important to her and make them fiction – make them fantastical – is what makes her books so special. She is Suzanne Brockmann and she is constantly redefining normal.

“Redefining normal”. These are her words. And as I spent an hour talking to her about her life and work I understood that it takes a huge commitment to not only entertain but to slowly introduce and bring to the forefront of her reader’s consciousness the issues that she most cares about. READ FULL ARTICLE ON B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.…

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heartImagine a computer screen with a blank page and that infernal cursor continually blinking. That’s the starting point for all authors. Putting words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs while creating just the right tension, drama and romance so that the reader is intrigued and will keep turning the pages is no easy feat.  It’s takes discipline to sit alone in front of a blank page while your characters chatter away waiting for you to write words that will allow them to spring into action and have purpose and meaning, conflict and resolution and of course dialogue that is interesting and dynamic. Well this weekend I didn’t have to imagine it, I got an in depth look at how authors begin this journey and stay the course, and I have …

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home sweet homeSix months ago, my dishwasher died an unholy death and bled water all over my kitchen floor. I was devastated.  After a daily 1 ½ hour commute to lower Manhattan, and then working for 10 hours, the last thing I’m thinking is “oh joy, I get to go home, cook dinner and then spend the next 45 minutes washing dishes – let me at it!” I am NOT one of those women who consider a dishwasher a luxury item. So I researched the best type of dishwasher to buy and I waited for the perfect sale, and in between I scrubbed pots and pans begrudgingly.

Finally, my local appliance store was having an out of the box sale that was too good to pass up.  I took the day off …

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Wings of FireIt used to be you couldn’t walk down the aisles of the paranormal romance section of your neighborhood book store without being bitten on the neck by a vampire centric romance. Soon after the shelves began to fill with tales of werewolves; but werewolves weren’t enough. In order to keep our interests authors started introducing shapeshifters – of all kinds.  Of course there are demons a plenty and a witch and ghost thrown in every now and then. Now it seems there is an abundance of Angels, and I have to ask; have angels become the new black?

In Caris Roane’s Guardian of Ascension series you get two for the price of one – warrior vampires with wings. These are not the angels you’d find painted on the ceiling of …

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animal attractionIf you’re like me you have moods.  Sometimes I yearn for a good old fashioned historical romance with dukes and counts giving up their evil ways for that one woman who makes them whole.  Other times I can’t get enough blood sucking and sex with dead guys. And then there are moments where nothing but a good contemporary will capture my attention. When it comes to contemporary – I may not be all that hip.  I like my furnishing to be on the eclectic rustic American side; you will never see me in short shorts with boots – unless it’s the middle of summer and I suddenly find myself in a flash flood; and the only tattoo I’m ever gonna have is the rub off kind from a bubble gum …

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MidnightWhen you click on the website for author Ellen Connor the first thing you read is:

“Welcome! If you’ve found us, you must be looking for some hot paranormal apocalyptic action. We promise fierce heroes, tough heroines, no holds barred fights, serious stakes, unnatural beasts, supernatural thrills, and steamy sex. Who says you can’t rock out at the end of the world?”

The first time I read these words I thought to myself –“well that’s a big promise to live up to”.  Now, after reading the first two books in the series, Nightfall (Dark Age Dawning Series #1) and Midnight (Dark Age Dawning Series #2), I must say Ellen Connor has kept that promise and more.

If you’re looking for a cute, sweet or fun romance, this ain’t it kids. …

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