ONeill-Too-Hot-to-Touch-Louisa-EdwardsToo Hot to Touch is the first book in Louisa Edwards’s new Recipe for Love trilogy. Louisa Edwards’s trademark culinary romances make food just as important to the story as romance is. She blends the excitement, creativity and competitiveness of the culinary world with the dynamics, passion and emotions of families and relationships. READ FULL ARTICLE AT HEROES AND  HEARTBREAKERS.

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Liams_Perfect_WomanSome people say you can never go home again, but in Beth Kery’s Home to Harbor Town series, going home again can be the one place you find both forgiveness and love.

Harbor Town is a picturesque lakeside community that is known for it’s with white sand beaches, charming Main Street, gorgeous sunsets and friendly neighbors. It’s a small town where, at first glance, everything looks beautiful; you’d never know that fifteen years ago tragedy struck leaving four people dead and three families broken. READ FULL REVIEW AT B&N’S HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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addicted_to_youFinding self-acceptance is not an easy thing to do, and in Bethany Kane’s book Addicted to You, both Rill Pierce and Katie Hughes discover  that you have to work hard at not only loving someone, but also at loving yourself. READ FULL REVIEW AT B&N HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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Bound_By_BloodAre you looking for a new author? Or maybe you want to read a book that everyone’s been talking about? However in this economy, when money is often budgeted to the last penny it’s hard to choose where to spend your book buying dollars, and you might not be as adventurous as you’d like. BUT, if you’ve got some loose change in your pocket, there are some books that will only cost you $1. READ FULL ARTICLE AND WHERE TO BUY BOOKS FOR $1 AT B&N’S HEART TO HEART BLOG.

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His_At_NightYou have no idea how much I LOVE the summer.  How can I express it? After nine months of wearing the same winter coat day after day, I’m thrilled to finally throw the thing back in the closet and not look at it again until next winter. This is the season of less clothing, the sun on your face, sandy beaches, luscious parks, and the aroma of outdoor barbeques.  What’s not to love?  Add a book or two, or five, and you’ve sent me directly to Heaven. So I thought I’d give you a few more reasons to love this season by suggesting several books to add to the pile I know you’re still trying to get to.  READ FULL ARTICLE AT B&N’S HEART 2 HEART BLOG.…

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Skin_DiveAuthor Ava Gray is an amazing story teller. When reading Skin Dive you are immediately transported into a world with pulse pounding action, witty banter, emotional upheavals, thoughtful characterization and passionate romance.  With both the hero and the heroine on the run, the mood of the book is constantly changing, and with it, your emotions. There are moments of joy, sorrow, humor, anxiety and understanding; and with each moment you’re catapulted into the center of Taye and Gillie’s life, hoping that they succeed in out running an evil that has not only ruined their lives but countless others. The heady combination of both an exciting suspense and a compelling romance leaves you breathless. READ FULL REVIEW HERE.

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