93690169When I viewed the book trailer for ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” I was interested, surprised, afraid and most of all curious; curious enough to buy the book. See for yourself why I think this is one of the best book trailers out there, I can only hope the book lives up to the preview. SEE MORE ON MARIALOKKEN.COM

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BlackDaggerModel250x149Let’s face it, a good hero is a rare commodity; they not only have to excel at their job, but they have to make the reader want to come back for more, which is why a good hero is worth his weight in gold. So you can imagine what the job listing would be for the heroes of authors such as J.R. Ward, Suzanne Brockmann, and Nalini Singh. READ MORE AT HEROESANDHEARTBREAKERS.COM

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The_Hunger_GamesWhat is it about The Hunger Games trilogy that has every one so fascinated they’re even making a movie about it?  When it comes to reading this trilogy, I was late to the party.  The film had already been cast and people had been buzzing about the books for…oh, uh forever. READ MORE AT H2H.

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RED_HEATWhen writing a romantic suspense there are many different settings and occupations for an author to put her hero and heroine in. Giving them just the right career, circumstances, setting and personality is what makes both the romance and the suspense exciting. Red Heat is the first book I’ve read by author Nina Bruhns and I was surprised that I hadn’t read her before. Her prose, characterization and plot immediately put her on my “get more books by this author” list because the setting was unusual, the story line was adventurous, complex and exciting and the protagonists were endearing and sophisticated. READ COMPLETE REVIEW AT H2H.

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Dollhouse-Apocalypse250x192There are several post-apocalyptic paranormal/urban fantasy romances that scare the bejezeus out of me because of the hardness and unforgiving landscape that is created. Yet at the same time they fill me with hope and joy because of the hero and heroine that occupy these worlds and give the promise of keeping love alive. READ MORE AT HEROES AND HEARTBREAKERS.…

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Yours_To_KeepThis contemporary romance is filled with charm, wit, sophistication, and is anything but predictable.  The story flows from one point to the next, making what would typically be an unbelievable situation very realistic.  The author includes a cast of characters from the Kowalski side who were introduced in the first two books of the series Exclusively Yours and Undeniably Yours . The reader is quickly brought up to speed on who is who and given insight into this genuinely endearing family with personalities that are so finely crafted you’ve soon got three dimensional characters dancing off the page entertaining you with what I like to call a ‘”romantic comedy movie in your mind” READ MORE AT H2H BLOG.…

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