The-Closer-Kyra-Sedgwick200x282They don’t drink blood, shapeshift, or command the powers of the wind. Instead, they use a well-placed sneer, a polite thank you, an upraised eyebrow, and sometimes a big gun to save the world. It’s their charm, cynicism and tempers that make them unique and heroic.

Usually when I’m looking for a kick-ass heroine I turn to the pages of my urban fantasy/paranormal novels. But they’re not the only ones taking names, kicking butts, and saving the day. If you’re looking for a more “contemporary” heroine, one who is a bit more like you and me, then I suggest you find your remote and tune into this summer’s vast array of impressively commanding heroines. FULL ARTICLE AT HEROESANDHEARTBREAKERS.COM

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Black-Jack-Lora-Leigh160x294The other day I got to wondering, would I date one of Lora Leigh’s heroes?
What I mean is, we are all modern-day independent women, juggling jobs, homes, and families (Helen Reddy would be proud). So I have to ask, what is it about a Lora Leigh hero that makes us put our feminist side in the closet and drool over a sometimes chauvinistic, often over-bearing male who proclaims loudly and often that he is the MAN and in charge?

The kind of heroes, in the alphabet soup of men, who clearly fall under “A” for Alpha. READ FULL ARTICLE AT HEROES AND HEARTBREAKERS.COM

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Changeling_MoonAuthor Dani Harper has a distinct voice and her new book,Changeling Moon, has a unique mythology. It’s a great combination of witty banter, descriptive prose and interesting characters. And when you start a book off with a ‘cute meet’ that involves the heroine being rescued by the town veterinarian from a savage wolf while she’s perched on top of the roof of her car – well, you have the makings of a sweet and hot romance as well as a mystery that definitely involves suspense. READ FULL REVIEW AT THE HEART 2 HEART BLOG.

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Highland WarriorI love it when a book lands on my desk that has all the elements I enjoy in a romance; time travel, paranormal, mystery, a kilt wearing warrior and a kick-ass smart heroine.  Awaken the Highland Warrior, the first in the Connor Clan series by debut author Anita Clenney is a cleverly written book and a fresh start to what promises to be an interesting new series. READ FULL REVIEW AT H2H BLOG.…

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nyc-cabRomance writers will be converging on NYC en masse next week for the annual Romance Writers of America Convention. Marisa and I would like to extend our welcome by offering seven sites to see that can fit any mood or budget.

Contrary to popular belief NYC doesn’t just comprise the island of Manhattan, it is in fact made up of five boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island – each with its own unique flavor and all within a bus, train or ferry ride away. If you plan on visiting NYC, then you need to take one of the bus tours from Halifax to New York. They are so much fun and you get to see all the great sights of NYC.

1. If you’re interested in …

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Tempted_by_FateMy unread books don’t go away; they pile up on my bookshelf waiting to read. And like many of you I have a HUGE To Be Read Pile. So Maria and I have challenged each other to read one TBR book a month.  This month I picked up Kate Perry’s Tempted by Fate . The book starts with a bang, the energy and excitement never let up and the sense of anticipation is keenly felt. READ FULL REVIEW ON B&N.COM’S H2H BLOG.…

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