We’ve all been there – the dreaded reading slump. It’s tragic but true.Nothing appeals. All those pretty shinny colorful covers filled with heroes and heroines in every shape and size having exciting adventures and I pronounce “I have nothing to read”. So over the years I’ve developed several tricks to get me out of the dreaded reading slump and get my reading mojo back. I’d like to share my top 4 tricks with you: GO TO B&N HEART 2 HEART BLOG FOR MORE.…

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Changing_the_GameSummer is coming —  although here in the northeast I’m still trying to reconcile the date on the calendar with gray skies, chilly temperatures and constant rain. However hope springs eternal and I’m gearing up for hot summer days, ice cold cokes, bare feet, the smell of fresh cut grass, and a book, or twenty, to read as I lie in my favorite chair under the cool shade of a big umbrella. There are several books I can’t wait to get my hands. So as I turn off the phone, stop playing Angry Birds, ignore emails and slip quietly into a world not of my own making, the books I’m definitely going to read this summer include: Go to B&’s Heart to Heart Blog to read about the 10 books

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Savage_NatureIt doesn’t matter whether they meet across a crowded room or deep in the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, when a man looks at a woman and growls the word “MINE” you automatically know you’re in the land of paranormal romance.  And an author walks a fine line when she has her hero use it. It can be an earth shattering sigh worthy moment for a reader or it can be inexcusably corny.  So how does an author go from making us gag to making us swoon? READ FULL REVIEW AT B&N.COM’S HEART 2 HEART BLOG.…

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nowhere_near_respectableAfter reading Ms. Putney’s Nowhere Near Respectable, I realize it doesn’t matter whether the action involves an AK-47 strapped on the back of a CIA operative or a revolver pulled from a reticule, romantic suspense, in any era, if done right, is exciting. READ ENTIRE REVIEW ON B&N.COM’S HEART TO HEART BLOG

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Breaking pointI found that love and lust are not only illuminated but heightened when you think you’re about to die – or even when you’ve had a close call with death. So whether it’s 1812 or 2011, being bound, bleeding and beaten seems to be an aphrodisiac, or at the very least a catalyst for the beginnings of love. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing like love on the run. READ FULL REVIEW AT B&N

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