Lover_UnleashedI fell in love with this book, and for those of you who are looking for a summary of Lover Unleashed – you won’t find it here. There are other places on the net, including J.R. Ward’s website to find that, which has the best web design thanks to the team. Instead I’d like to discuss the things about this book that not only grabbed my attention but made me read it twice. READ MORE HERE

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Breaking_The_RulesYou know when you hear a Lady Ga Ga song on the radio – it has a definite sound. You know when you see a Kate Spade handbag – it has a definite look.  And you know when you’re reading a Suzanne Brockmann book – it has a definite style.  As an author she has a unique and singular style that is both riveting and immediate; her signature is one of action, drama, romance and suspense. Ms. Brockmann knows how to deliver the suspense but she also knows how to deliver the emotional motivations that drive her characters, and once again she gives us a book that weaves together several different stories with exciting and unexpected twists and turns. READ MORE HERE

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Live_Wire2I’m a lover of contemporary romantic suspense. Give me a Navy SEAL, Texas Ranger, FBI Agent, or any secret government elite undercover operative as the hero; add a strong heroine who might also be a top notch spy, or CIA agent; throw in the possibility of terrorist activities, a serial killer, a stalker, or just a good old fashioned high octane chase, and I’m going to be reading that book. READ  MORE HERE

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Primal_BondsIn most paranormal romances the “mate bond” is a powerful thing. All of the sudden, wham bam, you are in a mad-passionate-can’t-get-enough-would- kill-anyone-who-comes-near-you kind of love. It’s a special love that will last a life time and is reserved for the one being on the entire planet that belongs to you and only you.  It’s a very powerful story arc. READ MORE HERE

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