Treachery_In_DeathI hate Law & Order . Love Burn Notice. I hate CSI. Love the Closer. I hate NCIS. Love Medium . All of these TV shows are well done, long running police procedurals. So why do I love some and hate others? I can tell you in a few words – the synergy between the characters and the story line. Having a strong plot is not enough; the characters also have to hold my heart. When that happens I’m in for the long haul and no matter what I’m coming back for more. The same holds true of the books I read, the story line must be strong, that’s a given. But it’s the characters that have to get and hold my attention. That’s why my auto-buy is set to …

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Deadly_HeatDeadly Heat is the second installment in Cynthia Eden’s Deadly series, and here’s the thing you need to know about it. It has amazingly powerful, resilient and intelligent heroines, strong, supportive heroes, and really sadistic, evil villains. A romantic suspense should always be romantic, that’s a given. However, when the suspense is just as hot and just as dynamic as the romance, well then you have a winning combination. Cynthia Eden delivers on all counts. READ MORE HERE

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Breaking_the_RulesIn honor of Valentine’s Day I’d like to present my favorite romance novel couples. Couples who remind me that every day is Valentine’s Day. In no particular order, they are: READ THE LIST HERE

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Perfect_Play_Jaci_BurtonI don’t do sports. Okay, occasionally I’ll watch a tennis game, and of course I watch the Olympics every two years, but outside of that, I don’t do sports. Now that doesn’t mean I’m not appreciative of athletes. I’ve even gone so far as to differentiate between a tight end and a switch-hitter. In fact, when my sister Maria, who happens to love sports, tried to explain to me the significance of pitcher Andrew Pettitte retiring from the NY Yankees I got a glazed look in my eyes and quietly wondered what I should make for dinner that night. READ MORE HERE

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