CRAVEIn a J.R. Ward book we’ve come to expect the pinnacle in world building, character development, emotion, compassion, excitement, and romance. In Crave, the second book of her Fallen Angels series, Ms. Ward continues to do what she does best—build a complex world with an overarching long-range plot and characters that are not only multi-dimensional but also struggle with moral ambiguities and questions that have no easy answers. The Fallen Angel series is “a story as old as time.” It’s the story of good vs. evil, where one man, Jim Heron, is charged with saving the souls of seven people. His failure to complete this mission would mean the world would go to hell—literally. (MORE)…

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Passions_Wicked_EarlCountess Claire Westcliffe has been exiled to her husband’s country estate for three long years while he’s been bed hoping all over London. Her banishment wasn’t due to some slight indiscretion—in fact, she was caught in bed with the Earl of Westcliffe’s brother. Oh my! Imagine finding your new bride in bed with your brother on your wedding night, I’m not sure the circumstances are forgivable. And as I continued to read, I wasn’t sure the author could get me past it, or make the heroine sympathetic enough for me to care. I knew this was a romance, and I knew with certainty it would end happy, but is that always enough? While reading, I wondered if the author would bring me to a believable conclusion I could accept. All …

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Eternal_HungerIn Eternal Hunger, Laura Wright has brought us a new paranormal series with a mythology that is rich, varied, and different; where fantasy, romance and imagination blend together to create an urban and contemporary paranormal romance; and where sometimes, being the hero is not always a choice but rather an unwelcome duty thrust upon you by powers greater than yourself. MORE

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