Two_Lethal_LiesTwo Lethal Lies has an attention-grabbing first chapter that had me from page one. It’s both a riveting romantic suspense and a heartwarming look at the relationship between a father and his daughter, and it’s this relationship that captivated me. Mitch Turner has a unique rapport with his eleven-year-old daughter Julia, one filled with love, affection, and respect. The only problem is they’re on the run, and they’ve been on the run since Julia was a few days old. MORE

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Dark_PerilAlmost eleven years ago I read my very first Christine Feehan book: Dark Prince. This was right around the time Buffy  was slaying vampires, but before Bill Compton was even a thought in Sookie Stackhouse’s mind; and way before Bella  arrived in the small town of Forks and fell in love with Edward. It was a time when vampires, shape shifters, and the phrase ‘paranormal romance’ were only at the very tip of our consciousness. MORE

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The_Darkest_HourI’ve been a longtime fan of author Maya Banks and have many of her books on my keeper shelf. So when her latest release The Darkest Hour hit the shelves you can bet I was one of the first in line to purchase it. It wasn’t at all what I expected. In fact it is so different from what I’ve read in the past I had to check and make sure the book cover said Maya Banks on it. Of course, as with all of her books, it’s well written, with good dialogue and strong characters, but the spirit of the book was a complete 180. And wow, I feel as if I’ve discovered a new author. I loved The Darkest Hour. (MORE)…

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The_Doctor_ and_the_Diva This lush, sensual historical novel is at times heartbreaking, at times joyous, and always engrossing. Ultimately, this is a story of obsessions and in many instances the book was shocking… Ms. McDonnell’s ability to make this reader evaluate the moral compass of these characters was at turns startling and revealing. I became a voyeur anxiously waiting an outcome, furiously turning the pages, experiencing the gamut of emotions as each year passed and new choices were made. The Doctor and the Diva  reads like a film—each image beautifully painted on the page and coming to life. For me, this was not a casual read, but a consuming read—one that made me think long after I read the last page. MORE

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Riding_the_nightMotorcycle + alpha hero = wild ride.  Motorcycles + 2 alpha heroes + 1 strong heroine  = explosive ride. Riding the Night, Jaci Burton’s final entry in her ‘Wild Rider’ series, is typical Burton; and by that I mean get ready for romance, exciting characters, intrigue, adventure, emotional revelations, and passion. MORE

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