Just_One_TasteAre you a foodie? Or are you like me, a fan of the Food Network who spends hours watching Paula Deen add pounds of butter to anything she can get her hands on, while rooting for Bobby Flay  as he throws down with one of the best bakers on the east coast, at the same time wondering what the secret ingredient will be in the next Iron Chef competition, but you can’t even boil water? Well whether you’re a foodie or just a person who loves to ‘watch’ an artist at their craft as they create culinary delights to pleasure palates ranging from the ordinary to the extreme I think you’re going to love Just One Taste by Louisa Edwards. MORE

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Deadly_Fear2What scares you? Me? Heights; can’t abide by them. They send me over the edge with a cold sweat running down my back and the feeling that complete insanity may take over at any moment. Now imagine if a psychopath could force you to live your greatest fear over and over again.  The very thought is terrifying enough to send me screaming into the night. But instead of screaming I was turning the pages faster then I could read them to find out who was turning the town of Jasper Mississippi into a place where what scares them the most may be the very death of them. Cynthia Eden’s new book, Deadly Fear, kept me up way past my bedtime to find the answers.(MORE)…

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devil_wears_plaidI found myself with a weekend of no engagements, no ‘have to attend’ gatherings or commitments. A free weekend. Quite a commodity in my life. So I did what any normal woman would do finding herself sans commitments, I planned every waking moment and by Friday night it was all mapped out. I would start with an oil treatment to tame the split ends dancing around my face, a simple, yet elegant, do it yourself mani/pedi, and an oatmeal facial scrub to wash away the grime accumulated during this beastly hot NYC summer. But blast it all if Teresa Medeiros didn’t come waltzing into my life with nary a care and her latest release under her arm. Well, Teresa didn’t literally walk into my home, but her book sure did, …

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Seduction_Wears_SapphiresRenee Bernard is a ‘new to me author’ and I had no idea what to expect when I picked up her latest release Seduction Wears Sapphires. What I found was a delightful historical with well drawn characters and a unique and interesting story line. It had me asking the question: “What happens when the shoe is on the other foot?” With many historical romances we have the young heroine being carefully watched by an overbearing relative, a concerned mother or perhaps a pompous brother. Much to my delight in Seduction Wears Sapphires we have the complete opposite.(MORE)…

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Shadows_at_MidnightThe difference between the language in historical romance and contemporary romance is vast. Conveying your feelings in 19th century England or Scotland is not the same as conveying your feelings in 21st century Las Vegas or Washington D.C. It’s the difference between saying “I’m quite out of charity with you” and saying “I’m so mad at you, I could hurl your body out of a ten story window.” And this month, while I was reading several contemporary and historical romance books I couldn’t help but think about the power of words. The way words are put together to form sentences and convey ideas can instantly tell you so much about a character. (MORE)…

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