Water_BoundDear Reader:
Some things go together naturally, like a lock and key, a needle and thread, or a cup and saucer. Then there are those things that are unique and stand alone; they shouldn’t be paired with anything else. But every once in a while opposites can be paired—for example, peanut butter and chocolate. Let’s face it: the person who first dipped their chocolate bar into peanut butter most likely had everyone around them thinking they’d stepped into the abyss of ‘not quite right in the head’. But they were wrong; and it proved that two opposites can come together and make a wholly different, unique and amazing entity. The same is true for Lev and Rikki, the hero and heroine of Water Bound. Their relationship is what hooked …

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The_SearchNora Roberts does it again! Seriously, she had me hooked and kept me there long after I read the last page. With two exceptionally well developed and engaging main characters and four dogs who have personalities to rival the protagonists, we’re off and running on an adventure of romance, mystery, and murder. READ MORE

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Life_After_JoeLife After Joe
Harper Fox
Publisher: Carina Press

Dear Reader:
I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this one up. However, it wasn’t long before I found myself thoroughly immersed in the world of Matt, Joe and Aaron.

Life After Joe is told from the first person POV giving us a very intimate look at a man who has lost the one person he has spent his life loving.  When Joe leaves Matt after almost a lifetime together, Matt is left to pick up the pieces of his life and start anew.  What follows is a downward spiral of emotional pain and self-degradation that almost brings Matt to his knees. It’s when Matt meets Aaron that he begins to see a glimmer of hope and a life after …

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IsabellaDear Reader,
Historical romance doesn’t get much better than this! It’s just that simple. Lust, wit, intrigue, romance, and abiding love, are weaved together to tell the second tale in Jennifer Ashley’s Victorian Highland Pleasure series. Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage is a must read. More

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shadow bound

I found a ‘must read’ in debut novelist Erin Kellison’s latest release “Shadow Bound”.  This book has been categorized as an urban fantasy/paranormal romance.  Personally I don’t think it can be categorized.  The plot and the writing are fresh and captivating, making this a book to put at the top of your list this summer.  See my review at the Barnes & Noble, Heart to Heart blog.…

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