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    Saving Midnight by Emma Holly
  • Author:
  • Published: Sep 24th, 2009

midnight_HollyReviewed by Gannon Carr
Publisher: Penguin
4 stars

I really have enjoyed this series of Emma Holly’s, but I have found it difficult to write the review for Saving Midnight. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it’s incredibly difficult not to give too much away.  So, dear readers, forgive me if this review is brief.

Edmund is back with his family after being rescued by them in Breaking Midnight, but he is obsessed with tracking down his captors, Frank and Li-Hua, who escaped while the Fitz Clares were saving him.  Edmund is also plagued with guilt because his eldest son, Graham, became a vampire in order to save him.  Added to that is the fact that his senses Graham’s mark on Estelle (Edmund’s fiancé).  In his heart, Edmund knows that Estelle only let Graham feed from her because she was the only one able to handle a young vampire, but he can’t stop the feelings of jealousy that sometimes overtake him.  But he must not let himself be ruled by these emotions, because his primary mission is to hunt down Frank and Li-Hua and destroy them!

Little does Edmund know that Frank and Li-Hua are growing more powerful each day and killing them will not be easy, even for a master umpyr.  Li-Hua and Frank have obtained a small brass box, which allows them to capture the souls of their victims.  With each soul they take they become stronger—virtually unstoppable.  Hoping to draw Edmund out—and the rest of the Fitz Clare family—Frank and Li-Hua attack Pen, Graham’s lover, at her deceased mother’s plantation home.  The Fitz Clares come to her rescue and begin planning their hunt for their enemies.  It is imperative that they band together, for only with their combined strength can they hope to finally destroy Frank and Li-Hua.

Ms. Holly has given her readers another fast paced paranormal tale filled with her trademark erotic love scenes.  If you like your romances hot, fast and filled with vamps and shapeshifters, this series is for you.

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