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    Hot New Releases for September and a Book Giveaway! by Andrea Williamson
  • Author:
  • Published: Sep 2nd, 2009

andrea_williamsonA new month is upon us and September looks to be yet another great month for books! Which ones have you read? Which of those do you recommend? Which ones are you dying to read?

This month’s topic is SECONDARY CHARACTERS! We all know that the hero and heroine are the stars and main focus of the books we read. But sometimes a secondary character or two can steal our hearts as well. If done well, they enhance the romance and/or the story as a whole. Many eventually get their own story and some do not (though we wish they would). And some find their HEA as a secondary romance. Colin Bridgerton is one of my favorite secondary characters. We read about him and his wry humor in three books before he finally found his happy ending in Julia Quinn’s Romancing Mister Bridgerton. Logan Jennsen is another favorite of mine. He was a secondary character in four of Jacquie D’Alessandro’s books before finding his HEA in Tempted at Midnight. A secondary character that I adored that never got her own book is Becky Shelton of Victoria Alexander’s Effington Family series. Maybe someday . . . And lastly, my favorite secondary romance has to be Gideon Shaw and Lady Olivia Marsden from Lisa Kleypas’s Again the Magic. I enjoyed their romance just as much, if not more than Aline and McKenna’s. It was such a sweet love story.

Who are some of your favorite secondary characters, both ones that have and have not had their own stories? What are some of your favorite secondary romances? Tell us and one random poster (living within the United States) will win a book!

Until October, happy reading!


laird_karen_hawkinsTexas Wedding for Their Baby’s Sake — Kathryn Albright
The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst — Louise Allen
Romancing the Pirate — Michelle Beattie
Stranger’s Kiss — Mary Blayney
Never Marry a Stranger — Gayle Callen
How to Dazzle a Duke — Claudia Dain
Surrender of a Siren — Tessa Dare
Navajo Night — Carol Ann Didier
Savage Dawn — Cassie Edwards
Lady of Scandal — Tina Gabrielle
In the Master’s Bed — Blythe Gifford
Never Love a Lawman — Jo Goodman
To Catch a Bride — Anne Gracie
With Seduction in Mind — Laura Lee Guhrke
The Laird Who Loved Me — Karen Hawkins
Lord of Sin — Susan Krinard (Paranormal)
Royal’s Bride — Kat Martin
How to Tempt a Duke — Kasey Michaels
The Duke’s Cinderella Bride — Carole Mortimer
Choices — Pamela Nowak
To Wed a Wicked Earl — Olivia Parker
To Tempt a Knight — Gerri Russell
Seduced by a Stranger — Eve Silver
Seduced by His Touch — Tracy Anne Warren
Highland Beast — Hannah, Howell, Heather Grothaus & Victoria Dahl (Paranormal)


first_time_twany_weberSliding Home — Kate Angell
2 Good — Celya Bowers
Slow Burn — Pamela Britton
Queen of His Heart — Adrianne Byrd
Campaign for Seduction — Ann Christopher
Healing Luke — Beth Cornelison
Her Last Line of Defense — Marie Donovan
Can’t Stand the Heat — Louisa Edwards
When it Feels So Right — Celeste O. Fleet
Pieces of Dreams — Donna Hill
One Good Man — Alison Kent
RSVP With Love — Sandra Kitt
Getting Physical — Jade Lee
Summer of Two Wishes — Julia London
Texas Heat — Debbi Rawlins
Made You Look — Jamie Sobrato
Meet Me in Paris — Simona Taylor
Feels Like the First Time — Tawny Weber
Almost Home — Debbie Macomber, Cathy Lamb, Judy Duarte & Mary Carter

Romantic Suspense

nightmare_kylie_brantSilent Killer — Beverly Barton
Waking Nightmare — Kylie Brant
A Dark Love — Margaret Carroll
Drawn in Blood — Andrea Kane
Heat Seeker — Lora Leigh
Show No Fear — Marliss Melton
Reclaim My Life — Cheryl Norman
The Perfect Liar — Brenda Novak
Black at Heart — Leslie Parrish
Set the Dark on Fire — Jill Sorenson
Acts of Mercy — Mariah Stewart
Hunt Her Down — Roxanne St. Claire
Watch Your Back — Lisa Y. Watson

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

darkness_annette_mccleaveWhat a Dragon Should Know — G.A. Aiken
Hunting Ground — Patricia Briggs (UF)
Obsidian Prey — Jayne Castle
Time Raiders: The Slayer — Cindy Dees
Dark Legacy — Anna DeStefano
Storm of Shadows — Christina Dodd
The Prince of Frogs — Annaliese Evans (UF)
Dark Slayer — Christine Feehan
Servant: The Kindred — L.L. Foster (UF)
Pleasure — Jacquelyn Frank
Barely Bewitched — Kimberly Frost
Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men — Molly Harper (UF)
Moon Kissed — Michele Hauf
Lucan — Susan Kearney
Witch Craft — Caitlin Kittredge (UF)
To Crave a Blood Moon — Sharie Kohler
I Only Have Fangs for You — Kathy Love
Wicked — Noelle Mack
The Beast of Blackbirch Manor — Penelope Marzec
Drawn into Darkness — Annette McCleave
Rosemary and Rue — Seanan McGuire (UF)
Blood Promise — Richelle Mead (UF)
Thirteen Chances — Cindy Miles
Walking Dead — C.E. Murphy (UF)
Night’s Cold Kiss — Tracey O’Hara (UF)
Passion Untamed — Pamela Palmer
My Favorite Witch — Lisa Plumley
Tall, Dark & Fangsome — Michelle Rowan
The Darkest Whisper — Gena Showalter
Intertwined — Gena Showalter (UF) (YA)
Time for Eternity — Susan Squires
Retribution — Jeanne C. Stein (UF)
Darkness Rising — Elissa Wilds
Belong to the Night — Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden & Sherrill Quinn
Must Love Hellhounds — Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews & Meljean Brook (UF)
Nature of the Beast — Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso & Eve Silver
Unbound — Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Jeaniene Frost, Vicki Pettersson & Jocelynn Drake (UF)

Erotica/Erotic Romance

pleasure_megan_hartOn These Silken Sheets — Sabrina Darby (Historical)
Pleasure and Purpose — Megan Hart
Mortal Seductions — Allyson James (Paranormal)
Enchanted Dreams — Nancy Madore (Paranormal)
Devour Me — Lydia Parks (Paranormal)
Possession — Devyn Quinn (Paranormal)
The Sweet Spot — Kimberly Kaye Terry
Tie Me Down — Tracy Wolff (Romantic Suspense)
Sexy Beast VII — Kate Douglas, Anitra Lynn Mcleod & Shelli Stevens (Paranormal)

28 Responses to “Hot New Releases for September and a Book Giveaway! by Andrea Williamson”

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  1. Lori
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 1:09 am

    YES! I loved Becky Shelton! I was always sad that she hasn’t had her story yet. And I agree with you that Gideon and Olivia’s story was a terrific one.

    Another two that I was so happy to see get their own stories were Derek Craven and Nick Gentry, who both started as secondary characters in other Kleypas novels. And both SO deserved their own books! (NB: I LOVE my Nick :))

    Two more authors who always do fabulous secondary storylines are Suzanne Brockmann and Tara Janzen. I couldn’t name just one from either of them, because each book becomes my favorite 🙂

  2. kh
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 2:10 am

    love megan hart charcters

    such hot books
    looing forward ot leslie kelly

  3. Brandy
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 2:44 am

    I like the secondary characters from the J.D. Robb books. Peabody and McNab, and the others.

  4. jeanette Rollings
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 3:29 am

    i love gena showalter books

  5. cyclops8
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 4:18 am

    Two of my favorite secondary characters are Peregrine and Olivia from Loretta Chase’s “Lord Perfect.” I do hope she write their story one day.

  6. PJ
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 5:24 am

    Lots of great books out this month. I’ve already read Obsidian Prey, Storm of Shadows, Surrender of a Siren, To Catch a Bride, The Treasures of Venice, Viking Heat and LUCAN (my review was posted here yesterday). Many more in your list are on my tbr and I can’t wait to get to them.

    Becky Shelton continues to be one of my most favorite characters who has never gotten a book. Ditto on Peregrine and Olivia. I’m hoping Ms. Chase is just waiting for them to grow up before she writes their story. Another favorite secondary character that finally got his story is Johanna Lindsey’s Jeremy Mallory. I waited a long time for that one. I also want to read the story of Nicholas and Clare from Julie Garwood’s “Saving Grace”. She recently told me that she hasn’t given up the idea of one day writing their story so there is still hope. 🙂

  7. Stacy ~
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 5:53 am

    I can’t wait for Anne Gracie’s story, and Colleen Gleason recommended Kylie Brant’s book, so I’m getting that one. And I really liked Leslie Parrish’s book, though it’s not my favorite of the 3.

    I like Sommerset from the JD Robb books, and Lula from Evanovich’s books. I like the ones that bring humor to the stories, and while they might not be front and center, the books wouldn’t be the same w/o them.

  8. Dee
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 6:20 am

    When it comes to secondary characters, my favorites are Molly and Jones from Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters novels, Levet from Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series [a wisecracking French gargoyle…can you get any funnier?], Edward from Lori Handeland’s Nightcreatures series [Blue Moon, Dark Moon, etc.] and Colt from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.

    I loved seeing Molly and Jones’ relationship develop over the course of the series. Their relationship saved Max and Gina’s book for me.

    Levet cracks me up so much. A French gargoyle who butchers English sayings and challenges the alpha male heroes with sarcasm…awesome!

    Edward is the deadliest ninety year old man ever. His philosophy is shoot first, ask questions later. He has such awesome lines and has a low opinion of the romances happening within the books.

    Colt is an Arcadian Were-Hunter bear and the guitarist of the Howlers at Sanctuary. This is more of a fangirl thing than any appreciation of the character development. But he is a secondary character and has not has an HEA yet.

  9. Andrea
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 9:14 am

    Good morning, all! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one wanting Becky Shelton to get her HEA. The poor girl has been waiting a long time.

    I’m so looking forward to Jo Goodman’s newest release this month!! Love her work.

  10. Buffie
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 9:24 am

    Wow, there are quite a few books out this month. My TBB list is ever growing and I seem far behind in my acquiring skills :0

    Great topic, Andrea. There are so many wonderful secondary characters are there. That is one of the reasons why I love a series so much. I always want to know what is going to happen to this character or that character. But alas, my mind is coming up blank right now. Guess I still have my nurse hat on 🙂

  11. Louisa Edwards
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 10:19 am

    I adore secondary characters and romantic subplots–both reading them and writing them! For instance, Suzanne Brockmann’s ongoing secondary relationships in the Troubleshooter books, all leading up to those characters getting their own spotlight story. Sam and Alyssa, Jules and Robin, Max and Gina–those characters really stick with you!

  12. Maureen
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 10:56 am

    Olivia and Peregrine from Loretta Chase’s Lord Perfect really made that story a lot of fun.

  13. Kim F
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 11:32 am

    Lots of great books this month!

    One poster said earlier they liked Tara Janzen, and one of her secondary characters J.T. Chronopolous has been a running theme thru all of the Crazy and Loose books,everyone thought he was dead and it turns out he’s not! I can’t wait for his book!

    One secondary character that recently caught my attention was Gina Capozzi from Nina Bruhns Shoot to Thrill. Her secondary relationship in that book was fantastic. I really wish her book was next because we were left with a cliffhanger with her story.
    That’s why Ilike series, it’s like visiting old friends and rooting for their HEA.

  14. Jacquie D'Alessandro
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 12:54 pm

    So glad that you enjoyed Logan Jennsen so much, Andrea! As for some of my favorite secondary characters, I loved the men of Nora Roberts’ Chesapeake series.

  15. Maria Lokken
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 1:57 pm

    Jacquie – I love those guys too. Actually it was one of my favorite series from Nora.

  16. cheryl c.
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 5:05 pm

    I think this is why I love to read series so much. I fall in love with the secondary characters, and I am so glad when I see them get a story of their own.

    Oh, boy, when I look at the September releases, I am amazed at how many great books are coming out. I can’t read fast enough to keep up! 😉

  17. Marisa
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 5:47 pm

    Cheryl, I’m with you – I’m still trying to catch up on the new releases from June. I’m really looking forward to reading Lora Leigh’s new release – Heat Seeker – but Andrea I’m sure you’re not surprised by that.

    As for secondary characters, I mentioned the other day there are a few in the J.D. Robb In Death series that I’d really love to see Baxter or Truehart get a story soon – I love these two guys and as they ‘float’ in and out of each book, I really want to know more about them.

  18. Jody F.
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 6:46 pm

    Simi from Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series is wonderfully entertaining! And Lassiter from Ward’s BDB is also very captivating. His snarkiness is refreshingly funny.

  19. Laura
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 7:47 pm

    One of my all time favorites is Quinn from J.R. Wards BDB books. I hope she does a book on him! His character grows with each book she writes. He’s a very bad boy that needs a nun-like character to compliment him.

  20. Marisa
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 8:23 pm

    Jody – you’re so right, Simi is one of my favorite secondary characters and I’m very interested in seeing where Ward takes Lassiter and how he became a fallen angel.

    Laura – Quinn has certainly captured my attention and I can’t wait to see what will become of him.

  21. Andrea
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 9:17 pm

    I’m right there with y’all on trying to catch up on new releases from previous months. Every month, I try to make a couple of books “top priority”, but even some of those don’t get read until later. Sigh. So many books, so little time . . .

    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 9:25 pm

    I love Nick from the Dark Hunter series, his book is coming soon but he is my favorite secondary character.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  23. Pam P
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 11:00 pm

    I loved Gideon and Olivia in Again the Magic, agree with you Andrea, I found myself liking their “story” a bit more.

    Simi, yes, she’s such fun. And how about Lady Witherspoon.

  24. Pam P
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 11:02 pm

    Meant Lady Whistedown, don’t know where that (Witherspoon) came from, lol.

  25. Donna S
    on Sep 2nd, 2009
    @ 11:19 pm

    I love Peabody and McNab in the In Death series. They are such a great set of characters.

  26. Raelena
    on Sep 3rd, 2009
    @ 12:29 am

    I love Catherine Coulter’s secondary characters. Most of them have ended up with their own stories. One I particularly enjoed was Lady Helen and the Spenser Heatherington, Lord Beecham. They were each in numerous books and got their own in The Courtship

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  27. Wendy
    on Sep 3rd, 2009
    @ 4:17 am

    Another fun topic here indeed.

    I love Mavis and Peabody from the J.D. Robb In Death series. Everytime Mavis pops up I just want to giggle because she is so much fun.

    Also from the J.R. Ward series I have enjoyed the development of Qhuinn as well. Also I love Torhment and want to see something good happen to him after he lost his wife, that was such a heart stopping moment and I would love for something to come of it.

    Sherrilyn Kenyon has several secondary characters I like and she has begun to get to them. For a long time Aimee was one of mine but she just got her book. So I guess Simi and Nick from there.

    I could go on but I probably will just stop there for now.

  28. Andrea
    on Sep 3rd, 2009
    @ 8:49 am

    Good morning, all! Thanks so much to everyone for all the comments. It looks as if we all love those endearing secondary characters. 🙂

    Our winner this month is: Pam P! Congrats, Pam! If you would send your full name and snail mail address to with “September releases blog winner” in the subject line, we’ll get your book right out to you.

    Thanks again and see you next month! 😀

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