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When I learned the reviewers here at Romance Novel TV would be doing a week-long blog series on our favorite heroines, my thoughts immediately turned to the author who lured me into the romance novel world almost 15 years ago.   None other than Julie Garwood.    Now my dilemma was which one of her heroines do I pick?   I was torn between a couple of Ms. Garwood’s heroines, but Christina Bennett from The Lion’s Lady won out.

Christina Bennett was a toddler when her English mother was killed in the wilds of the Black Hills of America while trying to escape her malicious husband.   At the time of Christina’s mother’s death, a Native American Indian woman and her son were living with them.   So it was only nature that Merry, the …

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garrabant111When it came to deciding what heroine I wanted to spotlight for RNTV’s Heroine Appreciation Week I knew she had to be a woman that has made quite an impression on readers. I almost chose Scarlett O’Hara from Margaret Mitchell’s classic historical epic romance, Gone With the Wind. But then I thought about it. I have a true love/hate relationship with Scarlett. I admire her tenacity and drive to succeed, to know what she wants and to go for it regardless of the consequences. But because Scarlett is a spoiled, careless and a very selfish woman, I really couldn’t place her on a pedestal. But then it came to me. A heroine who has much of the same attributes Scarlett has, but none of the weaknesses and questions of character …

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ausdenmore111I began reading romances more than 40 years ago but Julie Garwood’s wonderful medieval romance, Saving Grace is the first story I can remember reading that featured a heroine who was a victim of domestic abuse.  Wed to an English baron at a young age, Lady Johanna entered her marriage filled with all the hopes and dreams of any young bride, hopes and dreams that were shattered by the words and fists of her handsome, evil-hearted husband and his equally evil priest.  Isolated from her family and friends, Johanna eventually became resigned to her fate.  As she explains later in the book;

“I was much, much younger then.  The beating didn’t start right after we were wed.  He set about destroying my confidence first.  I was naïve, and frightened, too,

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andrea_williamsonThere comes a time in every reader’s life when you read a book that just clicks on all levels – a flawless, much loved storyline, a dashing, sexy hero, a darling heroine you’d want as a best friend and the endearing secondary characters who become like family.  Such was the case for me with Julia Quinn’s The Viscount Who Loved Me.  The first time I read it I was completely blown away and it’s one of the few books that I’ve read multiple times.  It’s my “go to” book . . . my comfort read . . . and yes, my very favorite book.  It features one of the most popular and beloved heroes of all time, Anthony Bridgerton, the head of the well-known Bridgerton family.  But what would …

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gannonEve Dallas is the heroine of J.D. Robb’s hugely successful futuristic romantic suspense In Death series—book #29 will be released in November.  She jumped off the page from book #1, and she is still, in my humble opinion, one of the most unique and fascinating characters out there.   Here are just a few reasons I’d love to be Eve:

1. She’s married to Roarke, the richest, sexiest man in the world.

This definitely makes Eve Dallas the luckiest woman there is.  Roarke is, quite simply, the cream of the crop.  Yes, my husband is aware of my prurient fantasy starring Roarke.  But that’s okay, since he’s a character in a book.  But what a character! Lucky Eve!

Robb_Kindredindeath2. She’s a kick-ass cop, who never backs down.

Eve is a Lieutenant …

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ahlgren111Not long ago, during hero week, I spotlighted one of my most unforgettable heroes, one Roger “Sam” Starrett, so it’s only fitting that I chose his wife, Alyssa Locke, as his female counterpart.  Besides, I can’t think of too many heroines I respect more.  Suzanne Brockmann created an amazing heroine in her series, and to be honest, I can’t think of anyone else I could have chosen as a favorite.

I liked Alyssa pretty much from the first time I met her, though we find out a little bit about her before she even appears.  ” ‘Find out if Alyssa Locke went to this competition,’ Tom ordered.  SO squadmember Frank O’Leary was only the second best marksman in the U.S, Navy.  Lieutenant Junior Grade Locke had outscored him every

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