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    YA News & Reviews By Trish Milburn
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  • Published: Jul 23rd, 2009


YA News

It’s Harry Potter week! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opened. I’m chomping at the bit to see it, I was at the Romance Writers of America conference last week and my schedule was packed tight, tight, tight. Now that I’m home it’s certainly on my list of must sees.

In other books-to-movies news, I Love You, Beth Cooper, based on the book by Larry Doyle, is in theaters. It’s the story of a nerdy high school valedictorian who, during his graduation speech, tells the hottest and most popular girl in school (aka Beth Cooper) that he loves her. For more on the movie, click here:

For more about Doyle and the book,click here:

I particularly like the part of the site that has photos and info about many of the real Beth Coopers out there – students, teachers, architects, real estate agents, etc. If your name is Beth Cooper, you can even submit your information for inclusion.

10_things2One of my all-time favorite teen movies is 10 Things I Hate About You with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. So I have to admit I was hesitant when I heard ABC Family was launching a TV show based on the same characters and concept. After all, how could they possibly even approach the awesomeness of the original? But I set my TiVo for the pilot episode nonetheless. I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed it enough to set the TiVo for a Season Pass. I have a feeling it will still never surpass the movie version with me, but they seem to have captured the essence of the characters. I like Kat’s disdain for the popular and her individuality and how you get the sense that Patrick is going to turn things upside down for her. And how cute is Nicholas Braun’s portrayal of Cameron? He and his tripping-over-his-tongue crush on Bianca are adorable. I’ll reserve further judgement until I see more episodes. Did anyone else watch it? What did you think?

YA Reviews

As I mentioned above, I was at the RWA Conference last week. That means the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony was Saturday night. And this week I’m reviewing the final Young Adult RITA finalist, Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs. What a cute book and concept. There’s a familiarity in the tale of a teenage girl who is forced to leave her home and friends behind when her mother decides to remarry and move to her new hubby’s hometown. But most teens in this situation move to a different town or possibly a different state – not a different country! oh_my_godsBut that’s exactly what Phoebe Castro has to do – leave her friends and track team in Southern California behind and take up residence on a can’t-get-there-from-here Greek island. And if that’s not bad enough, she thinks maybe her mom and her mom’s husband-to-be just might be nuts. After all, they’re telling her that the Greek gods and goddesses are real and that her new classmates are their descendants. And they have superpowers! So not only does she have to face being the new girl in school, she’s also an outcast because she doesn’t have powers. Poor Phoebe has to make new friends, keep the astounding gods-and-goddesses news from her old friends, and figure out if the totally hot boy in her new school likes her or is really just a jerk. Rest assured, there are lots of ups and downs and surprises along the way.

I’m looking forward to the recently released sequel, Goddess Boot Camp.

Visit the author’s web site here.

princess_midnight_ballMost of us who love romance discovered this love at an early age with fairytales like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. I tend to like books that are based on or retellings of classic fairytales, so I also read Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George this month. But even before I knew it was based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, it was the cover that made me pick it up. The gorgeous cover was face out while I was perusing the YA section of a bookstore in Hot Springs, Arkansas, while I waited out a bad thunderstorm. This is the story of Princess Rose, the eldest of the twelve princesses forced by a curse to dance every night for the sinister King Under Stone in his palace deep within the earth. Even though their dancing shoes are worn out every morning and whispers of witchcraft begin to circle, they are physically incapable of telling their father, King Gregor, what is going on. All seems hopeless until Rose meets Galen, a young soldier who has returned from a long war and who begins working for his uncle, King Gregor’s gardener. Though their stations should keep them apart, the two are attracted to each other, and Galen becomes determined to help the princesses overcome whatever it is that is forcing them to look tired and haunted all the time. And even though all others who have tried to find out their secret have failed, Rose begins to believe that maybe, just maybe, Galen is the one to succeed.

Visit the author’s web site here.

16 Responses to “YA News & Reviews By Trish Milburn”

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  1. Buffie
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 7:56 am

    Great post Trish! I’m one of those who haven’t joined the Harry Potter craze. Never read one book or seen one movie. Not sure it is something that I would enjoy.

    But I do LOVE 10 things I hate about you!!! Great teen movie. And I just love Julia Stiles as an actress. I think I could watch her in just about anything.

    Oh. My. Gods. sounds like a great book to me. I may just have to pick that one up!

    Thanks for all the information. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Trish Milburn
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 9:25 am

    Buffie, I really enjoy Julia’s work too. I really liked her in The Prince & Me too and Save the Last Dance.

    Seriously, HP is awesome. J.K. Rowling is a fantastic writer, so good at characterization and world-building.

    Since writing this post, Oh. My. Gods. won the RITA award for Best First Book. Yay, Tera!

  3. Jan
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 9:51 am

    *Sigh* More books to add to my Wish List…..I need to win the lottery just to buy books!

  4. Trish Milburn
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 9:59 am

    Jan, I know that feeling. 🙂

  5. Maria Lokken
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 10:29 am

    Trish – Thanks so much for the update. I can’t wait to see HP – It’s so on my list of things to do this weekend.

    How was RWA for you?

  6. Jeanne AKA The Duchesse
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 11:58 am

    Hi Trish! I loved that Oh. My. Gods. won the Rita. Wasn’t that cool!? :> Now I want to read Princess of the Midnight Ball just from that cover and that lead in you gave. Wow, did the cover gods smile on Jessica to get THAT cover! Sweeet!

    Great reviews. I too am chomping at the bit to see the new HP as well…

    Hi Maria! We missed you at RWA!

  7. Trish Milburn
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 1:48 pm

    Maria, I think HP is on the docket for a lot of people this week. RWA was fun, informative and tiring. 🙂 I’m still trying to catch up on sleep.

    Jeanne, that is a gorgeous cover isn’t it? I think it proves that beautiful covers really make customers pick up the books. And lots of times they end up buying them.

    And I forgot to mention about Tera’s book that there are wonderful quotes about the book on the back cover — by the Greek gods and goddesses! For instance: “This novel will wind up on many keeper shelves — or there will be thunderbolts to pay.” – Zeus, king of the gods

  8. Andrea
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 2:14 pm

    Great blog, Trish! I’ve heard lots of good things about Tera’s book. I must check it out!

    Oh, and HP 6 is awesome! I so wanna see it again. Buffie, all it would take is watching the first movie and you’ll be hooked. That’s all it took for me. 😉

  9. Trish Milburn
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 2:19 pm

    Hey, Andrea. Glad to hear HP is so good. I heard it was the highest-grossing opening ever or something like that. I’m going to let myself go see tomorrow if I get enough revisions done today.

    And Buffie, I came to HP late. Several of the books (maybe 4) were out before I ever started reading them. But once I did, I glommed and I even went to the midnight release of the last one and stayed up until daylight or nearly so reading before I conked out. They take some liberties with the movies, but that’s the nature of changing a story from one medium to another.

  10. Buffie
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 2:39 pm

    Well, I won’t be at HP movie this weekend like most of you. Instead, I’m going to see my boyfriend in his new move — THE UGLY TRUTH. SHould be great fun cuddling up with the hubby while watching the boyfriend on the big screen 😉

  11. Trish Milburn
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 3:19 pm

    LOL, Buffie. I’d like to see that one too. Still want to see The Proposal and I Love You, Beth Cooper.

  12. Jo Robertson
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 8:10 pm

    Hi, Trish. Great summaries of these books. I’ve been waiting for the lines to go down in the theater before tackling Harry Potter, but I can’t wait to see it. Love, love, love HP!

    10 Things I Hate is a great teen takeoff on The Taming of the Shrew and a good example of Heath Ledger’s early acting. I love that movie too!

  13. PJ
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 8:18 pm

    Another great YA column, Trish!

    I haven’t read the Harry Potter books yet either. I’ll probably get to them one of these years…after I work my way through the tbr mountain in the spare bedroom. lol!

    I meant to pick up a copy of Oh. My. Gods. in DC but somehow managed to miss it. I’ll add it to my “how to spend my Borders gift cards” list. 🙂

  14. Trish Milburn
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 9:22 pm

    Jo, I agree about 10 Things being such a good example of Heath’s acting. I’m still so sad that he’s gone.

    Thanks, PJ. If you drive much, listening to the HP books is a great option. I listened to the first 4 or 5, as read by the wonderful Jim Dale.

  15. Gannon
    on Jul 23rd, 2009
    @ 10:24 pm

    I’m a huge HP fan, both the books and the movies. I’m hoping to get to the theater to see HP and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend. Like you, Trish, I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep.

    Oh. My. Gods. is definitely on my TBB list.

  16. Annie Solomon
    on Aug 7th, 2009
    @ 7:20 pm

    Hey, Trish! I finally found your column. Good one, too. Haven’t seen HP yet, but looking forward to it. Don’t know the book about Beth Cooper but I went to high school with a Beth Cooper! Cool, eh?

    Good luck with the column.

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