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    Breaking Midnight by Emma Holly
  • Author:
  • Published: Jul 10th, 2009

breakingmidnight_emmahollyReviewed by Gannon Carr
Publisher: Berkley Sensations
4 stars

Upyr elder, Edmund Fitz Clare, has been kidnapped by a rival faction of vampires and is being held prisoner in the dungeon of a castle in Switzerland.  His enemies are determined to use him and his shapeshifting abilities to create a race of beings who could rule the world.  And they are willing to sell to the highest bidder, which in this case happens to be the Nazis!

Edmund’s fiancée, Estelle and his three children, Graham, Ben and Sally, are frantic in their quest to discover Edmund’s whereabouts, but only know that Edmund is no longer in London.  Estelle begins “dream walking”-finding rapture in Edmund’s arms once more.  When she wakes, she’s alone, but is still experiencing the throes of ecstasy.  Initially puzzled by what’s happening to her, Estelle eventually realizes that she and Edmund forged a special bond when he took her blood.  Now, they are somehow “psychically” connected, which may help her discover where he is.  After several dream walking experiences, Estelle discovers that Edmund is being held in the dungeon of a castle in Switzerland.  Estelle tells the rest of the family where she believes Edmund is, and they immediately make travel plans to go to Switzerland to rescue him.  As they preparing to board the train to leave, they are met by Penelope “Pen” Anderson, the daughter of a wealthy American industrialist for whom Graham used to work.  Pen offers to assist in their search and subsequent rescue of Edmund, but Graham insists that they do not need her help.  But Pen has connections and resources that no one quite expects, and she will be more valuable than they realize.

Meanwhile, Edmund’s captors, Frank and Li-Hua, keep him bound in iron chains, which continue to drain his strength.  They bring him very young human victims for him to feed upon, but he continues to refuse even as though he is starving.  Edmund is afraid in his heightened state of hunger that he will not be able to stop feeding and will kill his victims.  Of course, this is what Frank and Li-Hua have in mind; they keep a movie camera at the ready, so they can film Edmund “turning” the humans.  If they can discover how a upyr creates another, they will sell this secret to the Nazis, so they can create a race of supernatural beings who will be virtually unstoppable.  Even though Frank and Li-Hua are waiting for Edmund’s family to attempt to rescue him (and fail), they do not count on the strength of love and loyalty that will give the Fitz Clares the upper hand.

This second book in The Fitz Clare Chronicles is full of nonstop action, suspense and red hot, erotic sex.  Edmund and Estelle are at the forefront of the story, of course, but the secondary characters are a pivotal element in the story, providing much of the action both inside of the bedroom and out!  Breaking Midnight is a fast paced, gripping story that leaves you wanting more. Emma Holly has once again given her readers a book that satisfies, yet makes them crave more of the Fitz Clare family.  Fortunately, readers only have to wait until August for the next book, Saving Midnight.

2 Responses to “Breaking Midnight by Emma Holly”

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  1. PJ
    on Jul 10th, 2009
    @ 11:44 am

    Sounds like a good book, Gannon. I haven’t read Holly before. Should I read them in order?

  2. Gannon
    on Jul 10th, 2009
    @ 1:55 pm

    It’s a good series, PJ. They should be read in order, and what do you know, your carpooling buddy will let you borrow them. 🙂

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