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    YA News and Reviews by Trish Milburn (aka Tricia Mills)
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  • Published: Jun 18th, 2009

milburngh2005picThanks for all the lovely responses to my first YA column last month. I’m happy to be able to share YA News and Reviews with you each third Thursday of the month.

News from the YA world

A new trailer and lots of images (including some cool movie posters) of New Moon (second in the Twilight saga) have hit the Internet.

If that isn’t enough YA vampire storytelling for you, the CW network is bringing L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries to the small screen this fall. Looks like it’s scheduled for Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central, which means Smallville will be giving up its pre-Supernatural spot moving to a new slot on Friday nights. Check out more of the details about The Vampire Diaries here:

The release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is less than a month away. Anticipation among Hogwarts fans is increasing by the day.

YA Reviews

hook_a_hottie_ferraroNext up in the rotation of reviews of RITA finalists for this year is Tina Ferraro’s How to Hook a Hottie, a cute contemporary tale with high school student Kate DelVecchio as its star. Imagine a girl whose grand plans include being a successful business tycoon by age 20, who watches The Apprentice for fun, who is a Future Business Leaders of America guru, and who hasn’t met a business book she hasn’t liked. That’s Kate.

Kate is always looking for a business opportunity to help her make enough money by the end of her senior year to earn her freedom from her parents’ plans for her. She’s got a job driving a young girl back and forth to her skating lessons, but when her classmates suddenly think she’s a master at matchmaking she’s not going to miss the opportunity to capitalize on that misconception. But don’t think she sees only dollar signs; Kate has a heart and wants to see the couples she points toward each other happy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Along the way, she begins to wonder why she can help others find love when she can’t even tell the boy who makes her heart go boom-boom how she feels about him.

Author Web site:

Next month, I’ll review the final RITA finalist for 2009, Tera Lynn Childs’ Oh. My. Gods.


city_of_bones_clareI also just finished reading the first book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. City of Bones introduces us to Clarissa “Clary” Fray, an artistic girl who lives in New York and whose best friend is a boy named Simon Lewis, who is constantly searching for the perfect band name for the garage band he’s in with his guy friends and who is secretly in love with Clary. Clary’s world is turned totally upside down when she begins seeing people and things Simon can’t. Seems she has The Sight, the ability to see past the glamour created by the Nephilim called Shadowhunters – warriors who are part angel, part man, who are charged with sending demons back to their own dark dimensions.

Not long after discovering her unsettling ability, her mother goes missing, she finds out that a family friend isn’t the person she’s thought him to be all her life, and she’s attacked by creatures she could have never dreamed really existed. When she can’t go back home, she takes up residence with the three young Nephilim who originally caught her attention: Jace Wayland, the cocky golden boy; Alec Lightwood, his quieter and sometimes intense friend; and Alec’s beautiful sister, Isabelle Lightwood.

Clary and her new companions join forces, sometimes reluctantly, to find her mother and the Mortal Cup, an ancient vessel that allows mortal men (mundanes) to be made into new Shadowhunters. It seems both have ties to a man named Valentine Morgenstern, and Clary doesn’t like the sound of what he might do to her mother and with the cup.

I’m looking forward to reading City of Ashes and City of Glass, both of which are already on store shelves.

Author Web site:


Trish Milburn writes YA romance for Razorbill under the name Tricia Mills (Heartbreak River, April 2009) and romance for Harlequin American under her own name (Her Very Own Family, May 2009).

24 Responses to “YA News and Reviews by Trish Milburn (aka Tricia Mills)”

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  1. YA News and Reviews | Trish Milburn & Tricia Mills
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 1:18 am

    […] second monthly YA News and Reviews column is up today at Romance Novel TV. I’d love to see some friends faces swing by and […]

  2. Vanessa
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 1:44 am

    Hi, Trish! Can’t wait for ‘New Moon’ on the big screen. Who said vamps are dead, huh? (Well, they sort of are, but it seems the thirst for vampire *stories* continues).

    Tina’s ‘Hottie’ is a fantastic read. It’s easy to see why it was nominated for a RITA. ‘City of Bones’ sounds like a real adventure–thanks for the recommendation!

    ~ Vanessa

  3. PJ
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 6:17 am

    Thanks, Trish! Sounds like some terrific reading coming up!

  4. Caren Crane
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 6:50 am

    Wow, Trish, great books are all around us! I bought the Tina Ferraro book for my girls and I can now officially say it is 14- and 16-year-old approved. *g*

    I think my favorite thing about YA books is that they never lose their sense of humor. No matter what is going on, there can still be jokes and kidding. Adult books have become dead serious in many subgenres and I simply can’t hang with that. Give me some humor!

    I can’t wait for your third installment. I love finding new authors!

  5. Marisa
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 7:01 am

    Hi Trish!
    Can’t believe the 2nd Twilight movie is coming out. I haven’t seen the first yet. I just got the book and it’s languishing on my TBR pile waiting to be read.

    I also recently got the book Ash by Malinda Lo (got it at the BEA) very intriguing. Have you heard of this author? She’s new to me – but I’m enjoying her prose and her take on the Cinderella story.

  6. Margay
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 9:15 am

    It looks like it’s going to be a great summer for YA!

  7. Rae Ann Parker
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 10:22 am

    Hi Trish! Thanks for posting that New Moon trailer with our first look at Jacob as a werewolf! Team Jacob fans can never see it too many times.

    Tina Ferraro’s RITA-nominated book sounds fun. I will have to pick it up. I certainly enjoyed her debut novel, Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.

    Thanks for a great post!

  8. Theresa Ragan
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 10:43 am

    These books sound like fun! Great reviews.

    I’m almost finished with Eclipse, so I’m glad I’m staying far enough ahead to read the books before the movies come out!

  9. Jo Robertson
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 11:21 am

    Great reviews, Trish! Looks like this is a good summer for YA reads (and those old adults who like reading them).

  10. Tina Ferraro
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 11:22 am

    Hey, Trish, hearing your voice over the phone last March telling me HOW TO HOOK A HOTTIE was a Rita finalist was officially my favorite moment of 2009! And once again, you have delighted me here by reviewing my book and saying such lovely things about it. (Needless to say, you totally rock!)

    Thanks, too to Vanessa and Caren for their endorsements, and Rae Ann and everyone else for their enthusiasm!

    YA is a wonderful place in which to lose oneself…going back to the time where everything is still ahead of you and everything is still possible. I remain an eternal optimist, and even though I’m well past hooking a hard bodied hottie or acing my SATs, doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with it!

  11. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 11:28 am

    Vanessa, at least for now vampires still seem to be retaining their popularity. I think they’ll continue to as long as authors continue to find fresh concepts in which to tell vampire stories.

    Thanks, PJ.

    Caren, you’re absolutely right. Even when life-or-death things are happening within the pages of a YA book, that teen sense of humor pops out every now and then. That’s what attracts me to a lot of YA — the fun attitude of the heroine.

  12. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 11:35 am

    Marisa, I hadn’t heard of Ash, but it’s an interesting concept. I did hear that Suzanne Collins’ follow-up to The Hunger Games was given away at BEA. I’m so jealous of those who got a copy! Can’t wait until September to read it.

    Margay, that is true. I could seriously have an entire room in my house dedicated to all the YA novels that are on my ever-increasing TBR list.

    Hey, Rae Ann! I have to say Jacob is looking mighty good in the new shots. Although as much as I like Jacob, I remain a faithful Team Edward fan. πŸ™‚

  13. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 11:37 am

    Theresa, how are you liking the series so far?

    Jo, you are not old. I think there’s always going to be a teenager living in all of us.

    Aw, Tina, what a nice thing to say. I can only imagine the high of getting a RITA call. Maybe someday. πŸ™‚

  14. Maria Lokken
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 12:29 pm

    Trish – I wasn’t much of a YA reader until you started writing your column here. Now, I’m absolutely into it. Thanks!

    I will absolutely have to check out L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries this fall. I’m guessing paranormal is taking off on the screen the way it has in books.

    When I was at the BEA last month I picked up two ARC’s for YA books –
    “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater – there’s a lot of buzz about this book and I’m curious about it because the back blurb gives me nothing to go on.

    The other book I picked up was “Alphas” by Lisi Harrison –

    I’m looking forward to reading them both.

  15. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 12:42 pm

    Hey, Maria. I’m so glad that you’re getting into YA. The genre is filled with so much variety and tones. Sounds like BEA was a goldmine. πŸ™‚

  16. Theresa Ragan
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 2:28 pm

    Trish, the second book was slow going for me because it took so long to get to the two main characters being together…but this third book is even a little slower… It’s just now getting exciting for me at page 425. I keep hearing that the first and fourth books are the best.

  17. Teresa
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 5:14 pm

    Hi everyone, I’m a huge Harry Potter and Twilight fan. I’m counting down the days until Half-Blood Prince and New Moon comes out.And I have to catch out The Vampire Diaries show coming out, maybe check out the book’s too.

  18. Anna Campbell
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 5:20 pm

    Hi Trish! Great column, as ever. I have to admit I must be the only person on the planet who hasn’t read Twilight and co. Actually nor have I seen a Harry Potter movie although I’ve read all the books but the last one which is on my TBR pile. Oh, dear, clearly I’m out of step with the Zeitgeist! πŸ˜‰

  19. Maria Lokken
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 5:44 pm

    Anna – you are not the only person on the planet who hasn’t read the Twilight series. I haven’t either, nor have I seen the movie.

    Harry Potter is another matter. I’ve read all the books, and I think they did a wonderful job with the films. It’s been so long since I’ve read them, I’m looking forward to the new film – it will be like re-experiencing it all over again. Although I must admit, I don’t know if this film represents the last book or not, and I’m too lazy to go look it up. I’ll just have to be surprised.

  20. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 5:49 pm

    Theresa, I think some of Stephenie’s stuff is a slow build but with a good payoff, storytelling-wise. This was how I felt about her adult book, The Host, too. I wasn’t sure how I felt at first but kept reading, and them, boom, I was hooked and had to know what happened.

    Teresa, thanks for coming by and commenting. I think maybe I’ll schedule some reviews of the L.J. Smith books before the CW premiere.

  21. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 5:52 pm

    Anna, gasp! You haven’t read the last HP yet. Have you managed not to be spoiled on what happens? That was actually the only book for which I went to the midnight release at Barnes & Noble. I stood in line, got my book, and then spent the next two to three hours reading before I had to get some rest.

    Maria, next month’s HP film is actually for book 6 in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Filming is currently going on for the two films into which they are splitting the final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s so big and has so much important, series-ending content in it that they decided to make two movies.

  22. Anna Campbell
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 6:38 pm

    I’ve been really careful to keep away from people likely to tell me what happens at the end, Trish. Someone really spoilt the ending of book six for me – and had no idea how mean it was to give away the twist. Grrrr! Maria, you haven’t read Twilight and co either? How surprising! One of my best friends has a 14-year-old daughter and she’s crazy about those books. My friend, who’s rather snobby about what she reads, was horrified when I said Twilight was a romance! πŸ˜‰

  23. orannia
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 8:52 pm

    Tricia – thank you so much! City of Bones sounds amazing! And I think I’m next on the library hold list for Twilight, so hopefully I’ll soon be finding out what all the fuss is about πŸ™‚

  24. Trish Milburn
    on Jun 18th, 2009
    @ 8:57 pm

    Anna, I’m amazed that you’ve managed not to be spoiled yet. That’s talent, girlfriend. πŸ™‚

    Orannia, I hope you enjoy both books. And isn’t it amazing that Twilight still has hold lists at libraries this long after its release.

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