All day (Tuesday) it’s a celebration of romance authors – with a new guest author every 45 minutes from 9 am to 7 pm (EST). I asked 14 romance authors 6 questions  and they were kind enough to answer. At the end of each author’s blog is a link to click through to Kimberly Killion’s website where she is hosting a Sizziling Summer Contest. The prize?  A basket of “New to You Authors” which will include 16 of her ZEBRA sisters’ autographed books + a $25 B&N giftcard.

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twitterature2Don’t have time to read Shakespeare?  To busy to get through Ulysses?  Schedule too tight to get through Dante?  No worries, you can get the hyper cliff notes version from Twitterature.

What is Twitterature?  Well it’s from the root word Twitter – a micro-blogging site that allows you to speak your mind, discuss your views and give your opinions in 140 characters or less.  With such a small window, you’ve got to be brief, to the point, and it helps if you’re clever with the written word. There are thousands of people who are becoming experts at the art of the tweet.  But nowhere has the twitter concept been taken to the reductio ad absurdum as when two University of Chicago college freshmen sold their book idea Twitterature:

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arnoldCalifornia’s Governor is leading the way in the digital textbook evolution. Whether you’re in college and have to purchase your textbooks, or you’re in middle and high school and the state pays for them – textbooks aren’t cheap. According to the California Governor’s website, “The average textbook costs about $75 to $100 per student. For a school district with about 10,000 high school students, the use of free digital textbooks in just science and math classes could save up to $2 million dollars.”

While the switch from paper to digital is a money saver – what gets me excited is the ability to keep students current in a world that changes minute to minute. Providing students digital information allows them to have the most current information in science, math, history, …

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freethy_suddenly_one_summerAngel’s Bay – Book #1
Reviewed by PJ Ausdenmore
Release Date – June 30th
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
4.5 Stars

There’s an old show business saying of “leave them wanting more”.  That’s exactly what the first book in Barbara Freethy’s new Angel’s Bay series does.  I started reading this book earlier this afternoon and just turned the final page a few minutes ago.  By the tenth page I had forgotten about everything I had intended to accomplish today and found myself fully immersed in the lives of the residents of this small coastal California town, the mystery of a 150 year-old shipwreck and the possibility of angels in Angel’s Bay.   Though I am still enjoying the afterglow of a satisfying happy ending for the hero and heroine of this book, …

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Join us on Tuesday June 30th for a day of back to back romance authors and a chance to enter a great contest.…

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singh_brandedReviewed by Kati Dancy
Publisher: Penguin
5 Stars

What happens when two dominant Changelings mate?? All hell breaks loose.

Mercy Smith is a sentinel of DarkRiver. She’s among the most respected and even keeled warriors in the pack. Lucas, her alpha, relies on her to help keep the peace and act as a liaison between DarkRiver and the WindDancers, the wolf pack that lives adjacent to DarkRiver land. Her counterpart is Riley Kincaid, the second highest ranked member of the WindDancer pack, and nicknamed “the Wall” since he shows little to no emotion and as his alpha, Hawke, says, arguing with him is like arguing with a brick wall. Riley and Mercy have been dancing around each other for quite some time. But at Mercy’s closest friend, Dorian’s mating ceremony, …

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