suzuki_novellaWe’ve all read in the bathroom.  We might not admit it, but you’ve seen friends, relatives and colleagues casually tuck reading material under their arms or in their purses as they headed toward the john. Some people even stock magazines in their bathrooms for their guests.  It was only a matter time before some enterprising company realized the john doubled as a ‘reading room’.…

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robin_wells_how_to_scoreReviewed by Andrea Williamson
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central)
Release Date: May 26, 2009
4 stars

If it wasn’t for bad luck, Samantha (Sammi) Matthews would have no luck at all.  After finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Sammi moves to Tulsa to take the curator position at the local Art Deco Museum.  She was offered the position by the board members after the current curator suffered a heart attack and announced her retirement, only to have the older woman rescind it by returning from her leave.  She wants to buy the little art deco home she’s currently leasing month by month, only to have her landlord deny her.  She took in a dog for a friend who couldn’t keep him anymore, only to discover he has a taste …

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On Thursday Maria and I stopped in at the African American Book Industry Professionals Reception.  It was a festive atmosphere with lots of authors, books, fans and amazing food.  Could you want for more?  We had the pleasure of seeing Rochelle Alers again who was signing her book Naughty. Sitting next to her was Michelle Monikou signing her 2010 release Trail of Kisses.  And we also met YA author Earl Sewell.

On Friday we stopped at the Harlequin booth. (I could live there. Almost every hour featured a book signing with at least four authors.) An hour was devoted to Kimani authors and we had the chance to meet and visit with Brenda Jackson who was signing Temperatures Rising.  She had us laughing as …

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cool-erYesterday at the BEA I heard Neil Jones, founder of Interead, talk about the newest e-reader to hit the stands. It’s called the COOL-ER and he gave a very slick presentation where he actually compared it to Penelope Cruz.   Sleek, petite, beautiful and multi-lingual. No joke.  I didn’t get my hands on it, but I must admit I lusted after it from a far.

Today, Maria and I went over to the Cool-er booth to finally hold it our hot little hands. What greeted us were men in Hawaiian shirts, frothy blender drinks, a woman in a bathing suit and high heels, and dancing girls complete with native head dresses accompanied by drummers. Amongst this cacophony of sight and sound sat the Cool-er. All I can say is – what …

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jennifer_haymore_romancenoveltvReviewed by Stacy Ahlgren

4 Stars


Sophie, the Duchess of Calton, has finally moved on. After seven years mourning the loss of her husband, Garrett, at Waterloo, she has married his best friend and heir, Tristan. Sophie gives herself to him body and soul. . . until the day Garrett returns from the Continent, demanding his title, his lands-and his wife.

Now Sophie must choose between her first love and her new love, knowing that no matter what, her choice will destroy one of the men she adores. Will it be Garrett, her childhood sweetheart, whose loss nearly destroyed her once already? Or will it be Tristan, beloved friend turned lover, who supported her through

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Our first day at the BEA (Book Expo America) and Maria and I were amazed at the number of seminars devoted to social media, social networking sites and viral marketing. We thought we’d be learning a slew of new things and be able to discuss what’s up and what’s next. Unfortunately many of the seminars were presented by advertisers offering services for the publishing industry. In other words their seminars were all a guise to get you to buy products. Very disappointing to say the least. But what was really amazing was how many people in the audience were paying attention and extremely interested in what these people had to offer. Almost all the seminars we attended were about how to use the internet to get people to buy books …

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