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    Don’t Let It Be True by Jo Barrett
  • Author:
  • Published: Apr 29th, 2009

barrett_ture.jpgReviewed by: Kate Garrabrant
4.75 Stars

Every woman in Texas has a dirty little secret that could destroy her reputation and ruin her name forever. Kathleen Connor King’s major secret is that she is dirt poor even though she was born a King, as in “the Kings” from Houston. Her family owned most of the oil in the surrounding counties. Kathleen is also considered eccentric, but in a good way from the clothes she wears to the charity events she is in charge of. She is known as a trendsetter even though she can barely rub two pennies together.

Kathleen lives with her long term boyfriend Dylan Grant who is the love of her life. Dylan is the only one who knows her dirty little secret and still loves her desperately. Kathleen is his sunshine and joy all rolled into one. He couldn’t imagine lying in bed with anyone else or sharing his life with anyone else. Dylan’s father, Butch Grant suddenly dies and with him leaves behind a whole world of woe. Dylan hated his boozing, gambling, womanizing abusive father with every sense of his being and even in death Butch is giving his son the middle finger. It seems that Butch lost a mineral lease that has been in the Grant family ever since they settled in Texas in 1874. The interest from the lease that keeps Dylan and his younger brother Wyatt in style was gambled away in a poker game fifteen years ago to Bo Harlan. Butch and Bo made a deal that Butch would keep the rights to all the minerals flowing from the well until he died, then all the remaining mineral interested would pass to Bo Harlan. Dylan is enraged but can’t do anything about it. He is now dead broke just like Kathleen.

Wyatt has a plan to steal back the lease from Bo even if it means breaking the law. Wyatt has a lot riding on this because he owes five-hundred in gambling debts to a slick Vegas bookie. Dylan has no choice but to join in on his brother’s crazy scheme. And then there is Kathleen who has her own plan up her sleeve to save her man. And, if she can get an engagement ring from Dylan out of the deal, all the better.

Don’t Let It Be True is a rip roaring laugh out loud tale that will have you hooked from page one. Jo Barrett sure knows how to bring out the laughs and with characters you can’t help but love to pieces. Dylan and Kathleen have to be my favorite couple of the year because of their love and devotion to one another. And they also don’t mind each other’s wackiness. These two are everything you would hope a loving couple would have with one another. Even though times are tough, they still have time to turn to one another and have some hot sex.

This is one screwball comedy that would be great on the big screen. Not only will Dylan and his brother’s antics have you in stitches, but their other partners in crime, who are out for the next big thing also bring out the laughs. Every single one of Jo’s characters are endearing and basically good people. By the end you can’t help but want the story to continue because they have all touched your heart in a wonderful ways.

Don’t Let It Be True is an outstanding read that I will not soon forget.

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  1. Buffie
    on Apr 30th, 2009
    @ 10:33 am

    Wow, Kate, sounds like a great book! I have not read anything by her, but maybe I’ll look for this one.

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