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    Thrift is in
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  • Published: Mar 30th, 2009

piggy bankWe’re all learning to be thrifty.  And thrifty is a good thing.  Maybe it’s something we should have been doing all along.  You know, turning off the lights when you leave a room.  Not only is it good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet.  Maybe you’re combing your local newspaper for coupons.  Or maybe you’re just beginning to experience the joys of savings when shopping with coupons.

Personally, I’ve always been into thrift, searching for a bargain or a sale.  I do eat leftovers, I don’t let the water run while I’m brushing my teeth, and I will wait for a movie to come to DVD.

However, there are certain indulgences that don’t fall into the category of ‘gotta be thrifty’.  When a ridiculously priced pair of shoes screams my name from the store window, you can pretty much forget the words ‘savings’ and ‘thrift’.  When a book is released that I must, must have and it only exists in hardcover, I will somehow justify the price and make the purchase.

What about you, what indulgences can’t you live without?

17 Responses to “Thrift is in”

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  1. Andrea
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 8:28 am

    Books. Period. I use coupons for groceries and I look for sales when shopping for clothes for my kids or myself, but I can’t do without my books. And I sometimes even use coupons for those! 😉

  2. Kati
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 8:34 am

    I’m with Andrea. Books. And I love my mani/pedi. I could live without them, but so far haven’t had to. Oh, and getting my hair cut and colored.

  3. Natasha A.
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 8:54 am

    Yeah….I am sensing a theme….
    As long as I have something, even if it is rereading my oldies….
    And food. I love good food.

  4. Donna
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 10:41 am

    Books but I try not to pay full price for them I have to tell you this coupon business with borders gets me down…I was told if I tried to use 2 coupons not 1 I would be escorted out of the store…told him go ahead I will call the newspapers and the police!!! If I am spending money and keeping your store open why wouldnt’ you let us use more than one coupon especially IF I am making a return trip????? So I go to BN where we all know I get at least 10% off…If you go to walmart you get about 2.00 off a book lets face it saving is saving especially with all the books I buy


    sorry about my soapbox but it makes me mad!!!

  5. Maria Lokken
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 10:45 am

    Right on Donna! They shouldn’t issue coupons if they’re not going to let you use them.

    There are some people who use coupons at grocery stores on items that are already greatly reduced – combined with their coupons – they get the product virtually free. I suppose Borders doesn’t realize that a coupon gets a consumer in the store, and that is an opportunity to perhaps get them to purchase another item they weren’t necessarily plan to buy. I think it’s all about traffic in a store. The more people in the store, the more potential purchases.

  6. Jan
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 11:59 am


    But I get most of my books from BN because of the discount and free shipping. Plus the used books have been good so far.

  7. Deb Mullins
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 12:05 pm

    Books, though I do try to pick up my reference books from the Bargain Books section. I also tend to buy primarily from Borders since I have a member card with them and can rack up points faster that way.

    Manicure – I have TERRIBLE nails and people look at your hands when you are signing books . In the name of thrift, I do forego the pedicure most times and avoid sandals LOL

    Eating out – I LOVE to eat out (must have to do with that hating to cook thing) but I do tend to stick with specials and coupons. For instance, there is a restaurant near us that has half price dinner specials on Mondays–and usually there’s at least one steak dinner on the specials list!

  8. Buffie
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 12:10 pm

    I have always been a thrifty one. My mother raised us that way! I am one of those people that takes an hour or so to do the grocery shopping because I am always looking to see if I have a coupon for a sale item. Last week I paid $0.25 for a bottle of name brand glass cleaner. It was half price and then I had a $1.50 coupon. Can’t beat that!

    The main thing I can’t live without is . . . books (like most everyone else) and my haircut every 6 weeks. With my short do, it needs to be done on a regular basis or I begin to look pretty shaggy! LOL!

  9. azteclady
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 1:24 pm

    I am one of those people who don’t care much about fashion–shoes, clothing, knick-knacks :shrug: On top of that, circumstances being what they are, I’ve developed a… we’ll call it thriftiness 😀 so that I recycle, upcycle, reuse, etc. Other than the monthly bills, I don’t spend money (which is good, since there’s not a lot of that to throw around 😉 ) except…


    Books is the only “won’t wait, screw the budget” addiction I have.

    (I know how lucky I am, by the way 😉 )

  10. Mary M.
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 1:37 pm

    Normally I’d have said books, because I need my books, except I bought so many in the last two years I have enough to sustain me through more than a full year of reading. I haven’t stopped buying completly, but I cut my purchases by about 70% the last 6 months.

    So really, the main indulgence I have left is food. Not only eating out, but little fine products like imported cheeses and chocolates and the likes. I go to the asian stores or stores of fine groceries, telling myself I’m just going to look, and always end up buying pretty much everything that catches my fancy. Even going to the regular grocery store can be a financial nightmare if I do it when I’m hungry (which is usually when I feel like doing it) because again, I end up putting in my basket everything I’d like to eat. And I never bother with coupons. Lol. Fortunately, I don’t have a lot of expenses so I can afford it. I’m telling myself I’m doing my part to keep the economy running. 😉

  11. Maria Lokken
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 2:08 pm

    Buffie – way to go on that bargain shopping.

    Mary M – I totally know what you mean. I now go to the grocery store with a specific list and I don’t deviate from it, otherwise…

  12. Karin
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 2:59 pm

    Like you, I’ve pretty much always been thrifty. I think it comes from my mother who is also thrifty. I try to make sure that I buy things on sale and compare prices. Even when I’ve had coupons, sometimes the generic, which is just as good, is still cheaper.

    However, like most others here, the one thing I won’t scrimp on are books. However, I love the 4-for-3 thing has for mass market paperback books and I’ve done a lot of shopping on the eharlequin site because of their sales and the great deals I’ve found there, especially on books like Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series and Carly Phillips’s Lucky series. But, I still go to brick and mortar book stores when I have coupons there and know I’ll find trade books there for what I’d be able to pay online.

  13. Gannon
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 3:09 pm

    I love to look for bargains, and now that’s a good thing. But I will never scrimp when it comes to buying books!!

    Cutting and coloring my hair is a must, as is the occasional mani/pedi, especially in the summer.

  14. Maria Lokken
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 6:50 pm

    I think survey says:


    Sounds reasonable.

  15. Stacy ~
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 7:40 pm

    Ditto on the books. My biggest and most necessary vice. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before cuz I’m a total dork – I actually set aside money each paycheck for the things I like to buy – clothes, books, DVDs/CDs, vacation, car, etc. I actually find it rather thrilling to do this and have saved so much money by not spending. Even my book fund still has money in it. But if I had to, I’d spend every penny. I need my books.

  16. Laura
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 7:53 pm

    My department store Moisturizer. I can go to the library when I have to cut back, but if I thought I would have to choose between a face that’s not rough as sand paper and a good sex scene, well, I think I would cry.

  17. Maria Lokken
    on Mar 30th, 2009
    @ 8:11 pm

    Laura – hadn’t thought about it, but your right. My face moisturizer is never out of reach.

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