Today we continue our round table discussion with three new blogs/discussions with authors Ally Blue, Jamie Craig, JL Langley, K.A. Mitchell, Chris Owen, Josh Lanyon, LB Gregg and Jet Mykles. 3 new blogs will be posted throughout the day, and yes, we’re giving books away. Stop by our Book Page to read excerpts of the authors books and click on their names to go to their web sites for more information.

This morning we’re giving away a copy of K.A. Mitchell’s  COLLISION COURSE  and JL Langley’s THE ENGLOR AFFAIR to two random posters.

Marisa: Picking up where we left off yesterday; over the years the audience for M/M fiction has become increasingly female. Why do you think so many women are drawn to M/M romance? Or do you care?


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lb_gobsmacked_500×75022-200×3008.jpgGobsmacked by LB Gregg
A mini -review by Kati Dancy
4.5 stars

LB Gregg is a new m/m author, but she writes like a veteran! When we meet Mark Meehan, he is storming into a church during Ash Wednesday mass to confront his lover Jamie, who he has just witnessed in a very compromising position with another man. Mark whacks Jamie on the head with a Bible and storms out of the church. He heads to the apartment that they live in together and systematically begins removing Jamie from his life. But when he figures out that Jamie has cleaned out his bank accounts, Mark realizes that Jamie might be in over his head. Mark ends up going to his good friend, Tony, who is a cop. Tony has been …

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Marisa: In this particular group of authors, Josh is the only male writing M/M fiction So the first part of the question is for him – how do you feel about women writing M/M?
2nd part of the question is for everyone – do you think that women writing M/M fiction changes the sensibility – the tone of the work?

I am laughing at this question, Marisa! Actually, now days I decline to answer any questions regarding my own sexuality or sexual identity. I let people know up front that Josh Lanyon is a pen name, and I leave it at that. For this particular genre — m/m — I think women have a definite advantage. M/M is a sub-genre of romance, and most romance readers are women — …

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We’re continuing our discussion but if you want to find out more about these authors by clicking on their names for links to their web sites. Also check out excerpts of their books on our book page.

This afternoon we’re giving away a copy of  Chris Owen’s SHADY RIDGE or PYKE’S PEAK to two random posters.

Marisa: My second question is,  are there any particular challenges to writing GLBT fiction?

JL Langley:  YES!  Pronouns.  The pronouns are killers.  It’s tough getting things to flow right using names too often, and readers don’t always understand which “he” you mean, so you have to balance your “he’s” with characters names just right.  It gets frustrating at times.

Ally Blue: OMG You said it! Geez.This is why I only have one lonely …

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I contacted some of my favorite authors and they agreed to answer my questions about their work, M/M fiction, and writing in general.  Their answers are honest, thought provoking and provocative. Over the course of the next two days I’ll be posting the discussion in 6 parts. Make sure to go to the links on each authors name for their bios and more information on their books. We’ve also posted excerpts of some of their books on our BOOK page. They’ll be in and out on both days to chat and we’ll be giving away some of their books during each discussion. Stay tuned today for questions 1 through 3. With questions 4-6 on Monday.

Marisa: Since most of our readers may not have read any M/M

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Read DatingThe Shelf Life, a university book store in Seattle held a “Read Dating” Event.  What’s “Read Dating”?  Its speed dating meets book clubs. Attendees had eight minutes to chat with each other about their favorite books and authors before moving on to the next man or woman.

Can you tell a lot about a person in 8 minutes?  Can you tell anything about a person from what they read?  Hmmm……

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