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    Kati Dancy’s Mini-Reviews – Gobsmacked, Heaven and The Englor Affair
  • Author:
  • Published: Feb 22nd, 2009

lb_gobsmacked_500×75022-200×3008.jpgGobsmacked by LB Gregg
A mini -review by Kati Dancy
4.5 stars

LB Gregg is a new m/m author, but she writes like a veteran! When we meet Mark Meehan, he is storming into a church during Ash Wednesday mass to confront his lover Jamie, who he has just witnessed in a very compromising position with another man. Mark whacks Jamie on the head with a Bible and storms out of the church. He heads to the apartment that they live in together and systematically begins removing Jamie from his life. But when he figures out that Jamie has cleaned out his bank accounts, Mark realizes that Jamie might be in over his head. Mark ends up going to his good friend, Tony, who is a cop. Tony has been attracted to Mark for ages, but never wanted to say anything. But now Mark, who is too hotheaded and impulsive by far, needs his help. As Mark and Tony try to unravel the mystery of what Jamie is doing and how things have gotten so far, they are drawn more and more together and the attraction they have for each other boils over. Gobsmacked’s strength lies in the innate likability of Mark, the main character and narrator. He is smart and likeable, and reacts in a wholly believable way to being screwed over by his lover. And he is genuinely befuddled by his growing attraction to Tony, who is gruff, but also very tender and sweet with him. Gobsmacked is a quick and wonderful witty read that will make you smile over the antics of the main character, and pant over the chemistry between the leads.

jm_heaven_coversm.jpgHeaven by Jet Mykels
A mini-review by Kati Dancy
4 stars

What would you do if a rock star was staying at your hotel? If you’re Tyler Purcell, everything you can think of to make him comfortable. Tyler has been a huge fan of the band Heaven Sent for years. One day, his fandom pays off after Heaven Sent agrees to stay at his posh hotel. When he meets the lead singer, Johnnie Heaven, he is uncomfortable to realize that he’s very attracted, even though he most definitely isn’t gay. For his part, Johnnie is intrigued and definitely attracted, and he’s willing to explore things with Tyler to see if sparks fly like he thinks they will. The cat and mouse game between the two characters is charming and entertaining. Heaven by Jet Mykals is a quick and entertaining read about two eminently likeable characters.

langley4.jpgThe Englor Affair by J.L. Langley
A mini-review by Kati Dancy
4.5 stars

Set on a Regency ruled planet in the year 4830. Our leads are His Highness Simon Hollister, a prince of the planet Englor, who is also a Colonel in the Englorian army, and Payton Townsend, a prince of Regelence, and currently undercover on the planet Englor as Lieutenant Jeffers, aid to Admiral Nate Hawkins. Nate and Payton have a mystery to get to the bottom of, a mystery that Simon may or may not have a role in. Englor is a planet that is completely heterosexually oriented, and it is expected that Simon will marry a women who will bear the heir to the Englorian throne. Little do they know, Simon is secretly gay. Payton is raised on Regelence, where his Father and his Sire rule together. Both are men and that lifestyle is completely embraced. When Simon meets Payton, he is immediately attracted and resolved to capture Payton’s affections, at least for a short while. Payton is just trying to fit in and not give him mission away. But he is dismayed by his overwhelming attraction to Simon, who may or may not be someone involved in the mystery he’s come to solve. The Englor Affair features an inventive society that is very close to Regency England. The characters are smart and engaging and the love scenes between Simon and Payton are HOT, HOT, HOT! I thoroughly enjoyed The Englor Affair and can’t wait to read my next JL Langley book!

9 Responses to “Kati Dancy’s Mini-Reviews – Gobsmacked, Heaven and The Englor Affair”

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  1. LB Gregg
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 7:13 am

    Kati~Thank you so much for taking the time to review Gob. The fact that my book is posted with two of my fav m/m authors and two books I enjoyed the hell out of, is just a super bonus.

    So glad you enjoyed it.

    But the real, burning question is: What did you think of Hugh singing last night with Beyonce?

  2. Kati
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 9:28 am

    LB – I was in freaking HEAVEN! I freaking *love* Hollywood musicals. So I was happy, happy, happy! LOL!

  3. Stacy ~
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 10:33 am

    GREAT reviews. I’ve read “My Fair Captain” so I definitely have to pick up the 2nd book. LB’s book sounds really good – I love friends to lovers stories. And “Heaven” intrigues me as well, with Tyler not being gay but being attracted to another man. Hmmm, 3 books to add to my ever-growing tbr pile…

  4. Elisa Jankowski
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 12:46 pm

    (I wrote this last night, but the internet decided it didn’t want to work anymore for that day)

    I would agree with what everyone else said, plus a slight expansion on the guys liking to watch two women together… I think passion and romance are appealing, and can be more so when done in an erotic manner. Most porn doesn’t really touch on the emotional aspect of passion, which is a major tenant of romance (duh, Elisa) – which is why I agree that just like men like to watch lesbians, women like to watch gay men (though I think a large amount of women like to watch lesbians as well – even if they don’t admit it). Which just goes back to what I said, passion is sexy whether it’s m/f, m/m, or f/f (or any extra combination thereof).

    It’s exciting to know the male demographic of the readership is growing, because it just cements it for publishers, authors, and readers that this is a genre (or multiple genres) of worth and it should keep on coming! What got me to read m/m was actually a m/m/f book that had me thinking part way through “these men are great and obviously ave awesome chemistry together, why aren’t they exploring their sexuality with each other as well?” and then it happened – I don’t want to analyze why I had such a grin when it happened, but there it was. It was amazing. And it was all about the chemistry and emotion and trust. Then I got into reading the strictly m/m stuff and I love that as well. But then, I would: I *love* love.

  5. Elisa Jankowski
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 12:46 pm

    sorry, that posted in the wrong spot

  6. jetmykles
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 1:23 pm

    Thanks, Kati. Glad you liked Heaven. You described it exactly as what it’s intended to be, a fun, light read 🙂

    And I’m SO with you on Hugh Jackman. That was terrific!

  7. orannia
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 2:57 pm

    Thank you Kati! More books to add to my TBR list 🙂 They all sound so good!

  8. katiebabs
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 3:08 pm

    I really have to read Heaven. Great reviews Kati!

  9. Marisa
    on Feb 23rd, 2009
    @ 6:19 pm

    I have had the pleasure of reading Jet Mykles Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Faith (there are 4 books in the series) and it is a great series. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and pick them up. The characters are the main focus for me and I loved going on their individual journeys as they all find an HEA.

    The Englor Affair is also a new favorite of mine and again, the characters are people you root for and want to know better. I was particularly taken and intrigued with the world JL created.

    I haven’t yet read Gobsmacked, but it’s a Kati recommend – so you know I’m there.

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