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    Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle
  • Author:
  • Published: Jan 31st, 2009

carlisle_homicidereview.jpgReviewed by PJ Ausdenmore
Publisher: Penguin
4.5 stars

Kate Carlisle.  Remember that name.  I have the feeling you’ll be seeing it a lot in years to come.  Carlisle bursts onto the publication scene February 3rd with her debut release, Homicide in Hardcover, a bibliophile mystery that kicks off what I hope will be a very long-running series.

Brooklyn Wainwright is a skilled surgeon who uses her expertise with a scalpel to save the lives of her patients – patients with life threatening ailments of cracked, brittle leather, moldy paper and dried-up glue.  The daughter of quirky, offbeat members of Guru Bob’s Fellowship for Spiritual Enlightenment and Higher Artistic Consciousness, this very likeable heroine is passionate about her books but pretty much oblivious to everything else, including her hair, clothes and shoes, much to the frustration of her sexy, stylish best friend, Robin.

As the story opens, Brooklyn is at a museum reception enjoying a happy reconciliation with her life-long mentor, Abraham Karastovsky but her happiness ends abruptly later that evening when she discovers her mentor in an isolated workroom, dying from a gunshot wound.  With his final breath Abraham presses the supposedly cursed copy of Goethe’s Faust that he’s been restoring into her hands and pleads with her to “Remember the devil.”  Suddenly, Brooklyn finds herself neck deep in the mystery surrounding Abraham’s murder and the curse of Faust.  Derek Stone, the handsome, all-business British security agent (think James Bond with attitude) assigned to protect the priceless copy of Faust initially believes her guilty of the murder but there are suspects aplenty and, when Brooklyn is asked to finish the restoration that was begun by Abraham, they start coming out of the woodwork.  There’s Ian, her former fiancée who is in charge of the museum exhibit that contains the Faust, Minka LaBoeuf, the thieving, conniving she-witch who has hated Brooklyn since college, Enrico Baldacchio, the sleazy book restorer who is always just this side of the law and, sometimes, on the other side.  Even Brooklyn’s mother isn’t above suspicion.  As Brooklyn works to restore the Faust she also turns amateur detective to ferret out the truth of Abraham’s murder, trying to stay one step ahead of the delicious Derek and well out of range of the killer who now appears intent on eliminating her.

I always assumed that book-binding and restoration would be a dull, dry subject but the historical facts and bits of trivia sprinkled throughout this book were so fascinating that instead of being bored I found myself wanting to know more.  The sex factor is mild and, in fact, is limited to a kiss but the sexual tension between Brooklyn and Derek is palpable, growing stronger with each encounter.  And while I do love steamy scenes, the absence of lovemaking in this book in no way detracted from my overall enjoyment.  The potential for a deeper romance between Brooklyn and Derek is firmly established before the end of the book but Carlisle also tosses in a delicious twist that has me eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

21 Responses to “Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle”

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  1. Helen
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 1:27 am

    Great review PJ I am so looking forward to reading this book

    Have Fun

  2. Anna Campbell
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 2:27 am

    PJ, as you know, Kate is another Bandita, and I’ve been dying to read this book ever since she first told me about it! Sounds like it’s just as good as I expected (and that was pretty darn good!). Great review!

  3. Tawny Weber
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 2:30 am

    WHOHOOOOOOOOO Kate! Awesome review. If I wasn’t already excited about this book, this review would have sent me over the edge.

  4. Suzanne Welsh
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 3:12 am

    Whoohooo, Kate!!! Fantastic review! Can’t wait to get my hands on my copy. You’ll probably convert me to mystery reading with this series!!!

  5. Anna Sugden
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 5:19 am

    WOW! Not surprised that PJ was bowled over by your book, Kate. We Banditas know how talented you are! Can’t wait to get my own copy.

    Great review, PJ.

  6. PJ
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 8:23 am

    Not many debut authors hit one out of the park their first time at bat but that’s exactly what Kate has done. I hope you all enjoy Homicide in Hardcover as much as I did! 🙂

  7. Gannon
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 9:00 am

    Great review, PJ! I’m so looking forward to reading Kate’s debut. 🙂

  8. Andrea
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 9:56 am

    Wonderful review, PJ! And huge congrats to Kate on her debut!! 😀

  9. Janga
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 10:06 am

    Another great review, PJ! You’re so-o-o good at this gig.

    I’m a big mystery fan, and Kate’s sounds terrific. I just added it to my TBB list.

  10. Trish Milburn
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 10:42 am

    I can’t wait to read this. It sounds great.

  11. DarleneW
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 10:58 am

    I never use to read reviews until a few months ago and I met some wonderful reviewers at ROOB who turned into friends. Now I am meeting new frineds and will try to return often to RNTV as well as the romance bandits. my computer time is growing rapidly lol. I enjoyed this review. I find myself looking at covers now not as I use to … well still that…. it is my first draw to a book. but now I also look at the author name to see if it is one I recognize from a review or a mutual friend. It gets kind of overwhelming at the bookstore now. lol and I LOOK for these covers now.

  12. PJ
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 11:06 am

    Glad you enjoyed the review, Darlene. I love turning people on to books that I’ve enjoyed. I know what you mean about a trip to the bookstore being overwhelming. I’m sure the clerks at Walmart think I’m stocking up to open my own library. lol!

    I’m happy you found us here at RNTV and hope you’ll visit often.

  13. PJ
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 11:12 am

    Thanks, everyone, for your compliments. When someone writes a book as enjoyable as Homicide in Hardcover it makes writing the review a breeze!

  14. Keira Soleore
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 11:16 am

    PJ, you write beautifully and convey the essence without giving the earth away. I’m looking forward to Kate’s debut.

  15. Jo Robertson
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 12:38 pm

    PJ, wonderful and complete review of Kate’s debut book! This is one I’ve been waiting a long time for. Your review just whetted my appetite even more.

  16. Jo Robertson
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 12:41 pm

    Darlene, too funny! I always read lots and lots of reviews, and when someone whose opinion I respect raves about a book, I’m sure to buy it.

    Well done, PJ!

    Oh, yeah, Kate you too (VBG). This book is definitely a winner, Bandita friend!

  17. Becke/Treethyme
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 12:41 pm

    Kate – I’m so excited to read this!

  18. Kate Carlisle
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 4:38 pm

    OMG, is the best review ever? PJ, thank you so much! I’m so honored that you enjoyed HIH so much! And you really are a fabulous writer, as everyone has said already. I’m so grateful for your kind words, and also grateful to Marisa and Maria for putting the review on RNTV. Thanks!!

    Hi Banditas!!! Thanks so much for being all Bandita-y and showing yur love! I’m sending it right back atcha! 🙂

  19. Jeanne AKA The Duchesse
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 4:44 pm

    Yeah Kate! Great review PJ. We knew she’d written a keeper, but you just made it even more enticing for all of us who’ve been tapping our feet, waiting for the darn thing! :>

    I love it when you say we’re being all Bandita-y, Kate. Oooh, I’m being Bandita-y! Heehehee!

  20. Buffie
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 7:12 pm

    Wonderful review PJ. I have this book in my TBR pile and am so looking forward to it.

  21. cyclops8
    on Jan 31st, 2009
    @ 9:09 pm

    I’ve been waiting for Kate’s debut for a while.

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