tarr_breath.JPGReviewed by Stacey Agdern
4.5 Stars

When reading stories that reunite old loves, it sometimes strikes me how easily trust and understanding return in the face of undeniable physical chemistry.  And in a world where most people fantasize about ‘the one who got away’, a story like that one has a broad appeal.

But every once in a while, a story comes along that’s refreshingly, honestly, realistic, where an author chooses to show the hard road of reconciliation, even when it might even be understandable to do otherwise.  Hope Tarr’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ is one of these books.

At the core of this book lie reunited lovers Alex and Cole.  Cole met Alex while on an undercover mission with the FBI.  Now in private security, Cole is responsible for …

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hart_revengereview.jpgReviewed by Buffie Johnson
Publisher:  Random House Publishing Group
Rating:  4.0 stars

Jack McShane is a vampire and his life is a nightmare. As a soldier during the Civil War, Jack laid dying on the battlefield when William Thorne turned him into a vampire. William was not only Jack’s sire, but his mentor and his friend. But now William is dead, killed by the woman Jack loves. When Connie took William’s life, she was turned into a vampire slayer. So now Jack has to not only contend with the motley group of vampires that want to challenge him for the chief enforcer role he inherited from William, but the love of his life wants to rip his head from his body.  Oh, let’s add a little more drama to the …

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carlisle_homicidereview.jpgReviewed by PJ Ausdenmore
Publisher: Penguin
4.5 stars

Kate Carlisle.  Remember that name.  I have the feeling you’ll be seeing it a lot in years to come.  Carlisle bursts onto the publication scene February 3rd with her debut release, Homicide in Hardcover, a bibliophile mystery that kicks off what I hope will be a very long-running series.

Brooklyn Wainwright is a skilled surgeon who uses her expertise with a scalpel to save the lives of her patients – patients with life threatening ailments of cracked, brittle leather, moldy paper and dried-up glue.  The daughter of quirky, offbeat members of Guru Bob’s Fellowship for Spiritual Enlightenment and Higher Artistic Consciousness, this very likeable heroine is passionate about her books but pretty much oblivious to everything else, including her hair, clothes …

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Bride hitching Today is our last day with the Romance Bandits and what a perfect way to end an amazing week. We have Donna MacMeans, Kirsten Scott, Caren Crane and Nancy Northcott. These four fabulous authors chose “Hitchhiking Bride” as their photo. And what with the Texas skyline and mass murderers, get your thinking caps on and let loose. It’s your last chance to let your creative muse run wild with the Bandits.  Each vignette is almost complete, it only needs a line or two…

Today one lucky and final winner will receive, a signed copy of THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT by Donna MacMeans, two lovely bookmarks, $20 Amazon gift certificate, and a Romance Bandits journal (again, I want that).

Vignette 1 by Donna MacMeans

“What have we here?”  Colt Derwent peered …

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The Knife – Day 4 of the Romance Bandits Invasion

Withknife Today we have murder, mayhem and mystery. Which doesn’t exclude cooking lessons and Jimmy Choo’s. Authors Anna Sugden, Kate Carlisle, Beth Andrews and  K.J. Howe took one look at the photo “The Knife” and all bets were off. Each vignette will compel you to add a line or two or three.

All you have to do is add the last line(s) to any or all of the vignettes to be eligible to win today’s prize. A signed copy of NOT WITHOUT HER FAMILY by Beth Andrews, asigned copy of HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER by Kate Carlisle, a heart-shaped soap, aStarbucks gift card, a Barnes and Noble gift card, some chocolates and other heart shaped goodies.

Vignette 1 by Anna Sugden

Anna.s Silence.…

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Jewels – Day 3 of The Romance Bandits Invasion

Jewles2 Who doesn’t like a good romantic suspense?  Jeanne Adams, Cassondra Murray, Jo Lewis-Robertson and Christie Kelly sure do and they are coming out to play today. Weapons, sapphires, thieves, unsigned notes, clues… Jeanne, Cassondra, Jo and Christie chose the photo Jewels, and each author gives their own unique spin on it.  All you have to do is add the last line(s) to any or all of the vignettes to be eligible to win today’s prize.
Write a follow up line or lines for any or all the vignettes and you could be eligible to win: a signed copy of EVERY TIME WE KISS by Christie Kelley, a signed copy of DARK AND DANGEROUS by Jeanne Adams, a $10 Barnes &

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