book chair

When it comes to relaxation, I enjoy a good book along with the perfect  chair.  I prefer a big overstuffed chair with an ottoman.  But here are some  other book chair ideas – would you curl up in one of these?

book chair                 book chair     book chair

book chair           book chair        book chair

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tabke_masterreview.jpgReviewed by Buffie Johnson
Publisher:  Pocket
4.50 stars

The opening scene of this novel will have you sitting straight up in your seat and cheering for the heroine.  Lady Tarian is a force to be reckoned with and will do anything to insure her betrothed honors their marriage contract. Even if that means pressing the tip of her own sword to his chest and forcing him to the altar. Though she is repulsed by the Earl Malcor of Dunloc’s taste in young boys, Lady Tarian knows this marriage is the only way she can survive.  But after a fortnight of trying to rise to the duties of a husband, the Earl becomes so frustrated he attacks Lady Tarian.  She saves her life by taking the life of her husband.  Now …

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Last week I asked everyone to try and finish my country western song.
The first verse was:
Why do you love me when I hate me like I do?
Why is the sun always shinning in my eyes?
And why is there static on the radio when my favorite song comes on?

Here are the verses and/or lines that were contributed.
Please vote for your favorite one.

why is my hands shaking when i see u
Well it must be the whiskey.
Is the signal blocked by your thunder thighs? (lol okay that one’s pretty bad)
Why can’t the DJ hear my cries?
All I want is to make love wit yooooouuuuu.

Will these voices in my head ever subside?
Did the beer in the tap run dry?…

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kery_wickedreview.jpgReviewed by Marisa O’Neill
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Grade: 4.5

WICKED BURN by Beth Kery is a contemporary erotic romance that has a terrific plot that will tug at your heart strings. The two main characters are well drawn, three dimensional and layered with subtext. It seamlessly blends romance, steamy erotic interludes and character development with a good story line. Bravo Ms. Kery for creating a world I wanted to spend time in.

WICKED BURN takes place in Chicago and involves a playwright and a museum curator. Both the hero, Vic, and the heroine, Niall, have instant chemistry upon meeting each other. While both Vic and Niall have their own reasons for acting on this instant attraction, what develops is a love story fraught with heartbreak and misunderstanding. I’m not a …

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goodger_marryreview.jpgReviewed by Gannon Carr
Publisher: Zebra
4 Stars

One of my favorite plot devices is one that centers on an arranged marriage that becomes a true love match.  In this turn of the century Christmas story, the arranged marriage is between Randall Blackmore, the Duke of Bellingham and young American heiress, Elizabeth Cummings.  Neither one is thrilled with this arrangement, but time has a way of changing everything…

The last thing that Elizabeth wants is to be married to a duke.  She is in love with someone else and has no intention of letting Randall Blackmore and his title stand in the way of her being with Henry Ellsworth, the man who holds her heart.  Elizabeth’s mother, on the other hand, will have none this nonsense.  Alva Cummings is enraptured …

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For our final book give away of the day, we want to know what you’re reading this week. Let us know if it’s something we need to run out and buy.  A random poster will be picked to win a book!…

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