bradley_fruitreview.jpgReviewed by Kate Garrabrant
4 stars

In the mood for a seductive romance that will tantalize the senses? I have one that may just be perfect. Forbidden Fruit has two stories in one, both that are erotic and steamy. By the time you are done reading don’t be surprised if you feel the need for a cold shower.

Professor, Mia Curry teaches about Alternative Sexuality at San Francisco State University. The class is always filled with students because Mia speaks about the sociological effects on sexuality that also includes a discussion on a wide range of sexual fetishes. Mia usually doesn’t find any of her male students attractive, that is, until one finally catches her eye His name is Jagger James and he is quite the looker. Even though he …

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Marisa, KatieBabs, Stacey and I all attended the New Jersey Romance Writers of America conference.  Stacey gave a booksellers seminar and KatieBabs was extraordinary – helping us video and take photos.

We filmed a seminar with JR Ward and Jessica Andersen and we had the opportunity to put on tape the hysterically funny keynote address by author Lisa Scottoline.  Our video interviews included Elizabeth Hoyt, J.R. Ward, Jessica Andersen, Kathryn Smith, Caridad Pineiro, Dee Davis , Eloisa James, Virginia Kantra and Samhain’s Executive Editor Angela James. We got some ‘scoops’ about upcoming releases, but you’ll have to wait and watch the videos to find out.  Oh, okay, a couple of hints… something you didn’t know about J.R. Ward’s “Compendium”, and what you can expect from Virginia Kantra’s “Sea Lord”.  That’s …

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long_loverreview.jpgReviewed by PJ Ausdenmore
5 stars

The second book in Long’s Pennyroyal Green series focuses on the Redmond family, specifically on second son, Miles.  More at ease in the jungles of the South Pacific than the ballrooms of London, calm and quiet Miles, a scientist and naturalist of some note, is adept at fading into the background where he can observe rather than being on display.  With no interest in love or marriage and his healthy sexual appetite satisfied by an array of discreet London widows, his single-minded focus is on obtaining the financing needed to lead a scientific expedition back to the jungles of Lacao.  His father, who has never understood his son’s fascination with bugs, has other plans.  Following the disappearance and presumed death of Lyon, the eldest …

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mallory_bridereview.jpgReviewed by Andrea Williamson
5 stars

How competitive are you?  Have you ever entered a big contest that featured a grand prize that you knew you had to win?  Or are you simply happy with knowing you won?  Anne Mallory’s newest release, The Bride Price, features a competition of epic proportions that takes place in Regency England.  And I certainly felt like a winner while reading it!

As the illegitimate son of the Duke of Grandien, Sebastien Deville has never gained the respect or esteem of the aristocracy, though his debauched and rakish ways have certainly garnered the attention (and more) of many women.  When Sebastien learns of a two-month long tournament intended for third-born and fourth-born sons and bastards that would guarantee the winner a newly created title, …

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anna_head.jpgFLOWERS FROM THE STORM by Laura Kinsale was published in 1992 and as far as I know, has never been out of print since. It often pops up on people’s lists of their favorite romances. I read it way back when it first came out and automatically counted it as one of the two or three best romances I’d ever read, amongst the best BOOKS I’d ever read!

I’m a re-reader, but for some reason, it’s years and years since I pulled FLOWERS FROM THE STORM from the bookcase to look at again. Perhaps because it provides such an intense experience. I tend to look at a book again when I want a comfort read so I generally reach for something light at such times. And while FFTS is many …

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pj_teresa.jpgAlways ready for a new adventure, this past weekend, my trusty camera and I headed north through the colorful Blue Ridge Mountains to the city of Kingsport, Tennessee where the annual Kingsport Women’s Expo, Expo Authors Dinner and Author Book Signing would be taking place. I was looking forward to the opportunity to meet two of my favorite romance writers, Julia Quinn and Kay Stockham, and to visit with Teresa Medeiros and Beth Williamson, wonderful authors I’d already had the pleasure of meeting as well as discovering the works of new-to-me authors who were scheduled to attend.

Friday night’s dinner was held at the Kingsport Golden Corral which has the distinction of being one of the top Golden Corral restaurants in the United States. After sampling a variety of foods …

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