ward_head.jpgHappy Halloween! It’s a special day for us at Romance Novel TV. New York Times best selling author J.R. Ward is with us.  Her Black Dagger Brotherhood series is one of our favorites and we’re certainly not alone.  Not by a long shot. Her books fly off the shelves.  Her newest book, The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider’s Guide is no exception. This is truly and inside look at the Brothers, the mythology, the world and yes, even into the author. I think it’s a terrific, courageous and daring book and I couldn’t put it down. Just ask Maria who repeatedly tried to rip it out of my hands.

I got a chance to ask J.R. some questions about Halloween and the Brothers. So sit back, and read on.

Oh, …

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Cast your vote for the “When Nora Roberts becomes Mary Balogh” Contest

We asked viewers to imagine what would happen if their favorite authors could be some one else for a day.  What kind of book would they write. Or, more to the point, what would would be the title of the book.  We received some terrific entries.

Vote for your favorites to see who wins the prize – a book of course.  As always, vote early vote often.  Voting closes at 6 p.m. Friday.

J.R. Ward becomes Lisa Kleypas for the day.

Vampires Only Come at Night
Vampires at Sunrise
Lovers at Sunrise
Where’s My Lover?
Unbound Till Midnight
Only With Your Blood
Dark In Winter
Vampire in My Arms
Red-Eyed Devil
When Vampires Marry
A Whallflower Christmas
The …

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Congratulations to Cyclops8 – you are amazing! Maria is always telling me my contests are more theater of the absurd then contests – but you proved that they are not as esoteric as she proclaims. Cyclops send your snail mail address to

And everyone stay tuned for tomorrow’s contest which will part of our guest author blog with Caridad Pineiero.  There will be 5 lucky winners.

Here are the answers and full book covers of our Halloween Contest #5


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Maria and I are always talking about how people choose a book to read. Me, I never buy a book by it’s cover.  Maria, she never reads the back cover of a book. But, I know a lot of people buy their books based on the cover. So, I’m wondering, how well do you know your covers?

Here’s your chance to Name That Book.

I’m posting partial book covers today and all you have to do is figure out which book the partial cover belongs to. The first person to guess all books correctly wins. The prize? A book of course.








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gaston_tonreview.jpgReviewed by Andrea Williamson
4 stars

Gossip and scandal filled the papers during the Regency period just as it does today.  Also like the present, some of the tales told during that era were true and some were fabricated.  For some bizarre reason, the masses were (and still are) obsessed with other people’s lives – both their ups and downs; though typically it’s their downs most people want to hear about.  This Regency set story gives an inside look at just how far that obsession can go.

Lydia, Lady Wexin, has become the object of society’s gossip after her husband’s scandalous death.  On top of that, she has been scorned by her family and deserted by her friends.  With reporters constantly surrounding her front door, she lives like a recluse …

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heroines.jpgSome times we’re about the hero but today we’re all about the heroine.
I’ll give you several heroines and you tell me which one said what.  The first person to correctly guess the name of all the heroines wins the book.  Let’s see how well you know the woman we love.

A)    “I’m offering to marry you” she said. “I want your protection. My father is too ill ad weak to help me, and I will not be a burden to my friends”.
B)    “We are, but you are seventeen minutes younger. Because of this, I have always bullied you umercifully. I work these things out when I am playing a role, you see.
C)    “If you don’t stop, I’m going to start crying,” she pleaded. “I hate to cry,” …

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