Penguin Books UK has launched a dating website in conjunction with

“Penguin said the site would offer readers “a place to meet and indulge in the age-old art of writing love letters”. Members will be asked to write in their profile about the last book they read and will also be able to search through the site’s other profiles for mentions of their favorite book.”

Actually, I’ve recently met four people who found the loves of their lives on-line. However, it seems odd to me that a publishing company would be involved in on-line dating — on the other hand, it’s really just another business venture, and a clever one at that.

I have visions of people trolling through potential member profiles, checking out their book lists, and then …

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wells_dukereview.jpgReviewed by Andrea Williamson
4.5 stars

Christine Wells blew me away with her debut, Scandal’s Daughter. I was so impressed with it, I waited with baited breath for her sophomore effort, The Dangerous Duke. Suffice it to say, it was well worth the wait.

Lady Kate Fairchild survived a loveless marriage by immersing herself between the pages of her diary. In it, she created a fantasy lover that satisfied her far more than her husband ever did. As a widow, no man’s attentions have come close to competing with her dream lover … until she meets a dangerous duke.

Maxwell Brooke, Duke of Lyle, never expected to inherit the dukedom. But, inherit it he did. In his final case for the Home Office, he searches for the arsonists …

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When it comes to books I almost NEVER read the book blurb on the back cover. I consider them spoilers. Once I plop down my money, I want each and every plot line revealed as I turn the pages. I consider book blurbs spoilers. This is strange since I don’t mind TV spoilers. In fact, I’ve been known to troll the internet in search of spoilers when it comes to a television show I’m hooked on.

I just finished reading “Storm Born”. I just glanced at the back cover to read the book blurb, had I read it first, I don’t think I would have finished the book. Recently I read “Just Breathe” by Susan Wiggs. One of the few times I have ever glanced at a book blurb and …

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wiggs_justreview.jpgReviewed by Maria Lokken
41/2 stars

Get out the Kleenex and get ready to be completely immersed in a wonderful love story, because Susan Wiggs knows how to write one.

Thirty something cartoonist Sarah Moon discovers that her five year marriage has gone wrong. On a blistery raining Chicago afternoon, following one of her many fertility treatments, she decides to surprise her husband and meet him on the job site, only it’s Sarah who is surprised when she finds him in bed with a client.

Stunned and shocked, Sarah leaves that very day and drives to her childhood home, a seaside fishing town in California. A place she fled after high school because she didn’t belong. With her mother dead, no friends, and a pending divorce things just couldn’t get …

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We all started somewhere.

I recently met a wonderful woman who has a very busy creative career and a family. She found RNTV on the web and thought, “Hey, I might enjoy reading a romance novel.” So, she asked the question I’ve heard a few times, “If I were going to read a romance novel, which one should I read?”

I really didn’t have an answer. There are so many great ones to choose from in every sub-genre imaginable. I dug a little deeper and asked her what types of books she like to read. Well, with work and family, she hasn’t had much time to read lately. So ladies, we’re starting with a blank slate. I do know there are many romance readers that started reading romance by picking …

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alexander_gentlemanreview.jpgReviewed by Buffie Johnson
4 stars

The fourth and final installment in the Last Man Standing series by Victoria Alexander is Seduction of a Proper Gentleman. The series is based around a wager made by four gentlemen – Viscount Warton, Viscount Cavendish, American Daniel Sinclair, and the Earl of Norcroft. The stakes of the bet are a shilling contributed by each gentleman and a bottle of cognac, all of which will be given to the last man of the group to remain single. Seduction of a Proper Gentleman is the story of Oliver Leighton, Earl of Norcroft, and his road to wedded bliss with Lady Kathleen McDavid.

Determined to end a 500-year old curse on her Scottish family, Lady Kathleen McDavid travels to London with her Aunt Hannah in …

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