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    Forgot your baby?
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  • Published: Aug 26th, 2008

Cute_kidMarisa shared with me a news item she found. We were both struck stupid. Apparently there are plenty of busy parents out there. What with earning a living, shopping, helping the kids with homework, taking your kids for a walk in the BabyTrend Expedition Jogger stroller, shuttling them back and forth to all manner of after school activities, well a a parent can get a bit distracted. Seems there’s a Dallas entrepreneur who thought he could turn this into an opportunity. He’s created a programmable device that sets off an alarm and alerts the parent if they’ve accidentally exited the car without their child.

Ladies – is this a worthwhile device? Or is there no way on this green earth that you would forget your child?

8 Responses to “Forgot your baby?”

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  1. PJ
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 1:23 pm

    Sadly, this happens and sometimes with very tragic consequences. Anything that will help prevent it is a good thing in my book.

  2. Buffie
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 1:52 pm

    OMG! Nope, no way I would use that device. Your child is your first priority — above and SO beyond anything else you could be doing or planning. I have never “forgotten” one of my children in the car, let alone the store. **on top of my soap box and stomping my feet**

    Sorry, I had to get that off my chest before I continue.

    Now, given how this world is and how crazy people act, I’m sure this device will be a real seller. Maybe the hospitals should give them away with the other stuff they give new parents.

  3. MaryKate
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 2:18 pm

    My sister once left my niece by accident. Granted, Abby was 12, so it wasn’t a huge deal, and she realized before she got out of the neighborhood, but Abby never misses a chance to needle her mom about it.

    I’m not a Momma, but I’m guessing it happens more than we can guess.

  4. Fedora
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 2:50 pm

    I really don’t know–I like to think that I’d never get so tired or distracted that I’d forget my own child, but I don’t know that I could say that I would never (it seems unfathomable to me, but I’m sure that there are people’s whose shoes I do not walk in…). I do know that I’ve read so many of these tragedies written up in the paper that if this helps those parents who need it, that would terrific for them and their babies. It just seems that like many other safety devices, sometimes the people who might need it most don’t recognize that they are the target audience for it… I would love to never read about another baby-left-in-car tragedy ever again…

  5. AndreaW
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 3:10 pm

    I hate to hear about stories like this in the news. It makes me sick to my stomach. I’m a very protective mother, so I just couldn’t imagine leaving either of my children in the car, accident or no. Many times, my kids are the reason I’m going out in the first place.

  6. Marisa
    on Aug 26th, 2008
    @ 4:42 pm

    I don’t have children, but I’ve been a teacher and I’ve also been responsible for my niece and nephews. As everyone in my family will tell you I’m like a crazy person when I’m watching children. I feel uber responsible when it’s some one else’s child. And, however, I think anything that would alert some one to the safety of their child is a good thing. Funny, we have to get a license to have a pet, but we don’t require any formal training or certification for having children. So, for those people who need a reminder, I say remind them!

  7. Carole
    on Aug 27th, 2008
    @ 7:45 am

    I can’t believe any parent or caregiver would refuse to use a device that could save a child’s life. None of us want to think we could “forget” our own child but the simple truth is, it happens. And children die. Is your pride (Oh no, I’m a good mother, I’d never do that!) worth the life of your child??

    I think this device should be mandatory, just like car seats.

  8. cheryl c.
    on Aug 27th, 2008
    @ 10:09 am

    The device is probaby needed, but if you can forget your child, then you are way TOO busy!

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