Brandonbreemer1_2 Sensuality – excessive indulgence in the pleasures of the senses.Brandonbreemer2

Make an appointment to spend some time with this month’s hottie and be ready to overindulge your senses.

Ladies, may I introduce to you this month’s hottie. His name is Brandon Beemer, and he exudes sensuality.

Brandon is 28 years old, and was born in beautiful state of Oregon. As you can tell from his gorgeous face, he is of German and Irish descent. Look at those dreamy eyes, girls!!!! Brandon had a short stint as a model in
New York City before making the decision to move to Los Angeles and pursue his acting career. He has been on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Brandon is currently acting on The Bold and The Beautiful as the character …

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cuttingloose2.jpgToday we have a very special guest blogger, romance author, Susan Andersen. Ms. Andersen has been one of my favorite authors for many years, so when I discovered her My Space Page, well I just had to write and find out if she’d visit with us. And being the ever gracious and terrific person that she is, she agreed. Susan’s new book Cutting Loose releases July29th, and I already have my copy ordered. If Susan Andersen is a new author to you – she writes “contemporary romance with just enough suspense and comedy to keep things interesting. Her books have spent many weeks on the USAToday bestseller list, the New York Times Extended list, and have twice been included in RWA’s Top Ten Favorite Books of the Year. …

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killion_desire.jpgReviewed by Buffie Johnson

5 stars
Medieval romances are my first love. They are the reason I am a romance reader. Lately there has been a decrease in the supply of skilled medieval writers. But now there is a new power house on the horizon. And her name is Kimberly Killion. Her One Desire is Ms. Killion’s debut novel. What a debut it is!

Lizbeth Ives is a woman like no other in all of England. She is the only daughter of the Lord High Executioner, or as he is known by the prisoners of the Tower, the Reaper of the Realm. In direct contrast to her father, Lizzy has been called the Angel of Fire. With her golden eyes and compassionate heart, she helps the prisoners as much …

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garey_deadreview.jpgToday is Terri Garey day on Romance Novel TV. If you haven’t had a chance to read A Match Made in Hell, check out Maria Lokken’s review below. If you have read it, then you may already know a bit about our today’s Guest Author.

“A Southern girl with an overactive imagination, Terri Garey grew up in Florida, always wondering why tropical prints and socks with sandals were considered a fashion statement. She survived the heat by reading in the shade, and watching cool shows like the The Twilight Zone and the classic gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. Born too late to be a hippy and too early to be a Goth, Terri did the logical thing and became a computer geek. Balancing a career with marriage and motherhood

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garey_hellreview.jpgReviewed by Maria Lokken

In this follow up to Dead Girls are Easy, goth girl Nicki Styx is back and she still sees dead people. This time, it’s her birth mother who leads her down a path toward discovery of her past and how she developed her unusual talents.

In A Match Made In Hell, the sequel to Dead Girls are Easy — Nicki is adjusting to her new unearthly talents and her relationship with the handsome ER doctor Joe when the devil ( masquerading as a Billy Idol look-a-like) arrives. He doesn’t look like any devil I’ve ever seen. He’s tempting in that sexy, blond, blue-eyed, hunky way. What’s a fashion plate, goth girl to do? To make matters even more unsettling, she learns that her doctor …

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cassidy2jpg.JPGLike seriously.

The writing process for me used to be very solitary. As I evolved as a writer and my shorter, series related stories became a goal of novel length books, I exchanged my solitude for a more shared writing environment.

Falling into this writing thing the way I did, I didn’t know whole lot about plotting, character arcs, motivation, and all the things you’re told are crucial to writing a novel.

Some might say I still don’t. Tee hee.

But you know what, they’d be right to a degree, and that’s because I just write. I don’t think a whole lot about those elements because when I began, I didn’t know they existed.

Ah, but now I have BFFS around who remind me I need them.

I’ve never taken

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