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    An Interview with Rachel Gibson
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  • Published: Jun 24th, 2008

New York Times bestselling author and RITA winner Rachel Gibson is visiting with us today. Her novels are contemporary romances with original and unforgettable characters. Her latest release – Not Another Bad Date has just hit #7 on the New York Times List.

( For those readers who have yet to read NABD – check out MaryKate’s review or visit Rachel’s website to find out more; then go buy the book ).

gibson_datehome.jpgRNTV: Hi Rachel, it’s such a joy for me to welcome you back to Romance Novel TV. First let me congratulate you on the RITA nomination for Tangled Up In You. And second, congratulations on Not Another Bad Date hitting #7 on the New York Times List! Both so well deserved!

Not Another Bad Date is the 4th book in your “Writers Series”. Each book in the series is about an author – each author writes in a different genre; true-crime, mystery, romance and paranormal. I read an interview where you said that you often get together with a group of writers talk about books you’re reading and the one’s you’re writing; and these get togethers inspired the series. If I were a fly on the wall at one of these soirees what might I hear?

Rachel: It would probably depend on when you landed on the wall. In the beginning of our get togethers we are all fairly well behaved. We usually talk about book sales and the market and who hit where on the lists and doesn’t it suck that we all don’t hit number one. After a few martinis, we talk about the latest gossip. Then we get around to talking about the books we’ve just read and the really outrageously contorted sexual positions in some books. A few years ago, we were all in a Mexican restaurant discussing the kinkiest love scene we’d written when I noticed the gentlemen at the next table had stopped eating and were watching us. I replayed the last snippet of conversation in my head, which was “Of course I’ve used handcuffs. Who hasn’t? I don’t like whips, though.” That night inspired the Writers Series.

RNTV: In Not Another Bad Date we meet Adele Harris who writes paranormal fiction. Adele’s been on so many bad dates – well, she thinks she’s cursed. Ok, Rachel, confession time; how many bad dates did you go on before you met Mr. Gibson?

Rachel: I’ve had my share of bad dates. In fact, Mr. Gibson was a bad date but he was so persistent I took pity on him and went out on a second date with him. On that first day, he took me on a picnic and he’d made all the food himself. The chicken was burnt on one side and raw on the other. The potatoes in his potato salad were crunchy. Sadly, his cooking has never improved.Worst date was prom my junior year in high school. My date spit when he talked. I faked food poisoning and had him take me home early.

RNTV: Zach – the hero of Not Another Bad Date – is absolutely alpha male material. And we love Adele’s strength, intelligence and great good humor. Both Zach and Adele work out their issues, and their HEA is definitely ‘sigh’ worthy. So where do you see Adele and Zach five years from now?

Rachel: I see Zach still coaching high school ball because he loved it. He’s also teaching his twin boys to throw footballs. Adele is still writing and is extremely glad she isn’t cursed with bad dates anymore.

RNTV: Which of your books’ characters have surprised you the most during their evolution? ( I’m also asking– have they every started out one way and ended another?)

Rachel: My characters always start out one way and end up another. I don’t outline nor do write a character sketch. I just write and my characters usually don’t start taking on their personalities until after page 100. I have to go back over the first hundred pages and rewrite a lot. As a result, my characters always surprise me.
RNTV: I have to ask – ‘cause you know, I’m unabashedly a greedy reader – I know Not Another Bad Date is barely on the shelves – but I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know what work in progress is on your computer screen even as we speak.

Rachel: My next book, True Love and Other Disasters, is on my screen right now and will be out May of 2009. It begins ten years after the end of my first published novel, Simply Irresistible. The heroine’s husband has just died and she inherits his hockey team. The hero is the captain of the team.

RNTV: Rachel, we can’t let you go until you tell us just a few, tiny personal details. We ask all our authors to reveal:

What are your favorite things to do on a day off?

Rachel: Shop for shoes.

RNTV: What’s your idea of a romantic night out?


Rachel: Boating at night, with just the running lights and stars overhead, is awesome
RNTV: If someone were to write a romance novel of your life – what sub-genre of romance would it be?

Rachel: Perhaps suspense. My office always looks like a crime scene.

Thank you so much for being here today, we always love when you stop by! And now the ‘floor’ is open for questions/comments from our viewers.


13 Responses to “An Interview with Rachel Gibson”

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  1. cyclops8
    on Jun 24th, 2008
    @ 11:50 pm

    Hi Rachel,
    Congrats on hitting the NYT list. I’m a new fan of yours. I got hooked after reading “Tangled Up In You” and “It Must Be Love.” I love Joe. I’m going to start “See Jane Score” today. I’m reading your books out of order. Is that okay?

  2. Buffie
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 5:27 am

    Hey Rachel. It’s great to have one of the goddesses with us today. Kudos on making the NYT list. I’m sure you are very excited about that. You had me smiling about your first date with your hubby. Good thing he was persistent, huh?

    So, tell me about this hero Zach.

  3. Gannon
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 5:33 am

    Woo hoo! Goddess Rachel is in the house! I am still laughing about the man in the Mexican restaurant listening to your conversation. Handcuffs and whips?! LOL!!!

  4. Stacy ~
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 6:25 am

    Hi Rachel! Wow, did that guy get an earful. And how cool that it inspired your 4-book series. I’ve loved your books for years, and “See Jane Score” is my absolute fave. There’s just something about hockey players (and their tattoos) that works for me in a big way, so I’m excited to hear that you’ll be writing more about the men of hockey. Are you a huge hockey fan, or is it just something different you decided to write? If you’re a fan, who’s your favorite team?

    And how do you feel about revisiting characters from your previous books?

  5. MaryKate
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 8:40 am

    Hi Rachel! Welcome! I really enjoyed your latest book and I pimp your stuff regularly. Like Stacy, SEE JANE SCORE is one of Top 10 romances of all time. It’s the tatt. What can I say? I’m a simple girl.

    Your newest book sounds fabulous too. I love the hockey players!

  6. Rachel Gibson
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 8:48 am

    I’m not huge on revisiting characters from pervious books. Once I’m done with a book, I’m kind of done with those characters and I’m really much more interested in the new characters. The writer’s series was a bit different because those women were all good friends, so I had to keep bringing them back.

    None of my books have to be read in order. They are all their own story and can stand alone. I do that on purpose so a reader can pick up any one of my books and not feel like they’re missing important elements or back story.

    Zach. Well, what’s there to say about him but he’s a hot former football star who now teaches football in a small Texas town. Since he’s got everything going for him (money, looks, fame) I gave him a thirteen year old daughter to torture him just a bit.


  7. angel4life261
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 8:49 am

    Hey Rachel! I’ve never had the pleasure to read your novels but your newest release Not Another Bad Date was so intriguing that I bought it a couple of days ago. I’ve been busy but it is definitely on my TBR pile when I can get to it I’m sure I will greatly enjoy it.

  8. Maria Lokken
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 9:00 am

    Hi Rachel – your Mexican restaurant story is a scream. I know that you don’t outline your books before you write them… when you were writing Zach did he have a daughter right away, or was this one of those instances where you went back and added her because the story was going in a different direction then when you started.

  9. Rachel Gibson
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 9:36 am

    Zach always had a daughter. I had to go back and change her age a few times, but she was there when I wrote him in the prologue.

    Angel, hope you like NABD.


  10. Marisa O'Neill
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 12:05 pm

    Hi Rachel, so glad to see you here today. Bad dates? I’ve had a million of them… so I completely empathized with Adele. I laughed out loud about your prom date. I guess my worst date ever was was a first date with this guy I really liked. He asked me to lunch and then promptly took me to a deli where we ordered sandwiches. I thought, ok, we’re going to find a nice park bench. But that was not to be. As we exited the deli he unwrapped his sandwich and started eating it as we walked down 3rd Avenue in NYC. He’s talking, and eating and then asks why I hadn’t started eating. Oh YES! I was too shocked to tell him that I normally sit down when I eat.

  11. Buffie
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 1:15 pm

    LMAO, Marisa!!! Seriously, LMAO!!!!

  12. heidenkind
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 1:42 pm

    Hi, Rachel! I’ve loved your books since I read It Must Be Love. I adored Joe and Gabriella! The only books by you that I haven’t read yet are See Jane Score and Not Another Bad Date (that’s in my TBR pile).

    Even though I haven’t read NABD, I heard there was a ghost in it. Are you thinking of going into paranormal romance?

  13. Maria Lokken
    on Jun 25th, 2008
    @ 9:05 pm

    Rachel – Thanks soooo much for joining us here on RNTV, we’re delighted you blogged with us today. I know we’ll be reading many more bestsellers from you. And congratulations on Not Another Bad Date in the top ten on the New York Times best seller list!

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