You can hear the rumblings here, there and everywhere – and it’s about books – specifically about book publishing. It’s an industry that is changing minute by minute, moment by moment. The changes come in the face of how we the reader get our books. You can flip through the pages, or download it digitally. Either way – you’re still going to get your fix.

But what about the big elephant in the middle of the room – the one that EVERYONE is talking about – AMAZON. This dot com giant ain’t going anywhere and they seem poised to dramatically change book publishing in a way NAPSTER only wished it had sewn up the music industry. Will Amazon succeed in ‘cutting out the middlemen’?

When I say middlemen – I’m …

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leigh_wickedblog.jpgOk romance novel addicts out there – Marisa wants to know – what are you reading this week?

I for one am longing for what I call my ‘special time’, my Greta Garbo time. The “I want to be alone and read my book, so everyone leave me alone!” time. Yes, that’s the kind of reader I am. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ll snatch a read when ever I can, on the bus, in the subway, on line at the bank, before I go to bed. BUT, the best time for me is when I have several uninterrupted hours of alone time. I take the phone off the hook, pour myself a cold glass of coke, put up my feet and ahhh… I begin to read. So… this week …

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In the world today, most hotties are only around for a short amount of time. Most Hollywood men are considered the flavor of themonth or, if they are lucky, the flavor of the year. But our featured hottie has enjoyed three decades of hotness. Yes ladies, three decades of hotness! Let’s see if you agree with me.

The first time I fell in love with ImageJohn Stamos was in the early 1980s while watching General Hospital after school. John’s character Blackie Parrish was a bad boy with a big heart.

I just couldn’t resist that smile and those dimples, and when he would look into the camera with those eyes, oh my, would my young heart sigh. Aaaah, what a cutie pie!

I’m sure everyone remembers John in

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Question of the Day
By Mary Kate

Hi Ladies! We’re blogging, woohoo!

So, I was thinking this morning in the shower (that’s where I do all my important thinking), about what question I would ask for my inaugural Question of the Day blog. And I was reflecting back on my year in reading so far — 2008 has been very, very good to me.

The year kicked off with me reading The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne – a book that I gushed endlessly about. Honestly, after I read it, I went into about a month long reading slump — the book is that good. Historical and evocative, lush and sexy, the book also boasts some of the most fascinating dialog I’ve ever read, and a heroine who catapulted almost

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chase_scandalousreview1.jpgYour Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase
Reviewed by Anna Campbell

WOW! What a book! Buy it! Read it! Tell your friends!

OK, that’s the May review done. What’s next? Cocktails? Cabana boys? A Mediterranean cruise?

What’s that, Marisa? You want MORE???!!! Sheesh!

Oh, OK, Miss M, but JUST for you, OK?

Loretta Chase is one of my all-time favorite authors and I think she’s one of the best writers ever to grace the romance genre. She has an unerring and unique ability to combine sparkling Regency wit and deeply heartfelt emotion in a blend richer than the best cup of coffee you ever tasted. So a new book from her is always an event in my world.

Then I heard her new story featured a courtesan heroine, a gorgeous half-Italian

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bound_to_love.jpgReviewed by Kati Dancy

When Marisa sent me Bound to Love Her by Esri Rose, I wasn’t sure. You see, I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance, but when you say the word “elves” to me, it evokes the little people who helped the cobbler make his shoes. That was until I met Galan of Longtail Rock. One night, Erin Chandler, a jeweler is walking a friend’s dog after dark in the woods near her home in Boulder, Colorado. She stumbles upon an unconscious man, who, when he wakes is a little disoriented. She takes him home and comes to find that his name is Galan. Galan tells Erin that he’s been attacked by another in order to steal his land, which is the area Erin was walking in. Now, …

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