Reviewed by Sadie Watson

I just finished Marliss Melton’s romantic suspense novel Don’t Let Go. This is my first Marliss Melton book and I’m surprised that I haven’t read her sooner. I’m also surprised that this romantic suspense novel is, in large part, about parental love. Romance, suspense, parenting? I didn’t know the combination could work, but it does.

School teacher, Jordan Bliss is in Venezuela, working in a mission school and adopting a 4 year old orphan, Miguel. Before finalizing the adoption and bringing her son home to the States, a rebel force takes over the mission. Her sister Jillian, knows people in high places and secures a team of US Navy SEAL’s to rescue her. However, their mission is to rescue adults, there was no mention of …

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kleypas_devilhome1.JPGReviewed by Kati Dancy

I am an unabashed fan of Lisa Kleypas. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe that I own every novel she’s ever published. I’ve always loved Lisa’s alpha heroes, her smart and sassy heroines, her ability to draw a reader in with vivid descriptions, and well, let’s be honest, she writes some smokin’ hot love scenes. When Lisa decided last year to attempt to write a contemporary novel, after only ever publishing historical romance before, I was among her fans who were deeply dismayed. I worried. Would this draw Lisa away from the historicals I adored? Would she be able to capture the wonderful sense of place she always delivers in her novels? Would she be able to convey the amazing sense of connection that her readers always

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