A Notorious Proposition by Adele Ashworth

Reviewed by Andrea Williamson

ashworth_notoriousreview.jpgWhen I read my first Adele Ashworth book, DUKE OF SIN, I was instantly hooked. I absolutely adored her voice and immediately wanted to glom her backlist. Unfortunately, most of her backlist was (and still is) out of print and some of those were going for (and still are) what it would cost to fill the tank in your car with gas nowadays. The one book that I desperately wanted was WINTER GARDEN. I had heard tons of people rave and rave about it and I just had to find out what the fuss was about. I was lucky enough to track down a used copy for about $15.00, which I considered a steal. When I received my coveted copy, …

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howard_cryreview.jpgReviewed by Author Anna Campbell

I have a major beef with this book.

Why is it called CRY NO MORE? It should be called CRY BUCKETS!

This is one of the most deeply emotional romance novels I’ve ever read. It starts in Mexico with the heart-wrenching kidnap of the heroine’s baby then continues in a whirlwind from there.

Linda Howard is such a great writer. And I can see MaryKate shares my admiration for her – it’s interesting that we both chose a novel by Linda Howard from our old favorites pile to review within a week or so of each other. Make sure you check out MK’s review of SHADES OF TWILIGHT in the latest RNTV blogs.

One of the many things I really admire about Linda Howard

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To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt

Reviewed by PJ Ausdenmore
I love stars. I’m blessed to live away from city lights where, on clear nights, I can recline on my deck and be surrounded by magical, twinkling stars scattered across a dark, velvety sky. Some seem to blink, drawing my attention immediately, others are dim but grow in intensity as the night darkens and then there are stars that burst upon the sky with such brilliance and intensity that they simply take my breath away, but leave me wondering if perhaps they have spent their brilliance too quickly and will fade away that much sooner. Sometimes, a debut novel will leave me wondering the same thing.

Elizabeth Hoyt burst upon the romance fiction scene in late 2006 with the publication …

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Reviewed by Kati Dancy

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in Adam’s Rib; James Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window; Vivian Leigh and Clark Gabel in Gone With the Wind; George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight. What do these couples have in common? Amazing sexual tension. When we watch them interact on screen, we’re desperate for them to consummate their relationship, we want the happily ever after for them. It takes a deft hand to write sexual tension. And in my opinion one of the romance industry’s greats at it is Linda Howard.

When I dive into a Linda Howard book, I know that I’m going to get three things: an amazing sense of place, a fully alpha hero who will knock your socks off, and love …

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Reviewed by Kati Dancy

It started for me about six or seven years ago. One day, while browsing on for a hotter than usual romance, I stumbled upon a book called “Cooking Up A Storm” by Emma Holly. The book was published by Black Lace, a British publisher. The story was about the owner of a restaurant named Abby, who embarks upon what can only be called a sexual adventure after hiring a new chef, named Storm (yeah, OK the name is silly — the romance is HOT!). The book itself spoke to a side of me that I wasn’t expecting. One that enjoyed daring sex, sex that was definitely outside the expected for mainstream romance. I knew it as soon as I finished the book, that Emma Holly …

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miller_gamblereview.jpgReviewed by PJ Ausdenmore

I recently read the first two books in Linda Lael Miller’s new romantic suspense series from HQN and I can’t wait for more! In DEADLY GAMBLE, Miller introduces us to Mojo Sheepshanks. Mojo is a young woman who is an intriguing blend of tough, independent, stubborn and vulnerable with a bit of rebel thrown in, a perfect fit for modern day Arizona. At the age of five she witnessed the brutal murder of her parents, which she has blocked from memory. She was kidnapped by her babysitter, Lillian, who feared for her safety. She was given a new name, Mojo Sheepshanks, and spent her life moving from one town to the next with Lillian and Greer, a runaway they found in a bus station when Mojo …

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