Our wake-up call came a little too early Sunday morning. Oh well, that’s the price you pay when want to make sure your tiara hair looks great. A goddess’s work is never done! *g* We had the pleasure of having breakfast this morning with Cathy Maxwell. Once again the conversation flowed nonstop as we talked about her time in the Navy–she was in intelligence, like Gannon’s husband—and children; she and Gannon each have three. Cathy always has a ready smile on her face and the most infectious laugh. You just can’t help but have a good time when she’s around!

For this morning’s sessions we were seated at a round table with Karen Hawkins, Jacquie D’Alessandro and Jennifer St. Giles, three gracious, funny, down-to-earth women. We may not have hit …

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As many of you know, PJ and I went to Columbia, SC last weekend to attend the Celebrate Romance conference. I had never heard of CR, and if it hadn’t been for PJ sharing the info about the conference, I may have missed one of the best weekends EVAH!

The drive from my home in NC took a few hours, so I arrived mid afternoon on Friday. I walked into the reception area of the hotel, where a group of CR attendees were chatting. I immediately spotted PJ, and she jumped up to give me a hug. PJ is just like I thought she would be: warm, beautiful, and incredibly friendly. We grabbed my luggage from the car and went to our room to put it away. Before we went …

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cr1a.jpgI came home yesterday from my first Celebrate Romance conference. It sure won’t be my last. What a fabulous three days! This year’s conference was in Columbia, SC, just a couple hours down the road from me, so I drove down Friday afternoon. The conference planners had arrived Thursday and several readers who are longtime conference attendees had come in earlier Friday so there were around 15 people already there when I arrived. As soon as they saw me, someone asked if I was there for CR and then they immediately surrounded me with warm smiles of welcome. I knew right then that CR was going to be a special experience.

We were all gathered in a sitting area off the hotel lobby chatting when a tall, pretty woman with …

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